Josh Hawley Demands DOJ Crackdown: Who’s Really Behind the Pro-Palestinian Protests


Senator Josh Hawley is shining a spotlight on the shadowy dealings of groups funding pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses. He’s penned a fiery missive to Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding an investigation into these groups that dare to enjoy tax-exempt status while allegedly supporting what he describes as anti-Semitic activities.

In his letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Hawley argued that organizations supporting anti-Semitic demonstrations should not be granted tax-exempt status. He is urging Garland to investigate these matters further.

Hawley believes that these dark-money groups are not just bending the rules—they’re throwing them out the window while giving Uncle Sam the runaround. Hawley emphasized how dark-money organizations and foundations backing illegal activities endanger Jewish students and faculty while misleading the American populace with tax-exempt status.

The Senator is calling for the investigation of non-profit funding sources that he believes are responsible for campus protests: the Soros-funded Tides Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the ever-present Pritzkers. These non-profits allegedly contributed to major protest supporters.

This comes after a report by Politico, which ran an article about the funding for pro-Palestinian campus protests. According to the report, prominent supporters of President Joe Biden are financing these demonstrations.

For instance, two organizations, Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow, support protests at Columbia University and other campuses. These organizations receive support from the Tides Foundation, which was “seeded” by Democratic megadonor George Soros and previously received backing from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In response to recent inquiries, a spokesperson from the Open Society Foundations, which was established and is currently chaired by George Soros, has provided additional details regarding the organization’s funding activities. The spokesperson explained that the Open Society Foundations has provided financial support to a diverse group of US organizations that have advocated for the rights of Palestinians and Israelis.

The spoke person maintained that these groups are working towards achieving a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in Israel by promoting dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding. The spokesperson emphasized that the Open Society Foundations remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote human rights, justice, and the rule of law around the world, including in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has given nearly $500,000 directly to Jewish Voice for Peace over the past five years. Jewish Voice for Peace explicitly describes itself as anti-Zionist.

It has been revealed that several organizations participating in these rallies are receiving support from a foundation that Susan and Nick Pritzker back. The Pritzkers, heirs to the Hyatt Hotel empire, are known for providing financial assistance to Biden and various Democratic campaigns. They donated over $300,000 during the 2020 campaign and recently contributed $6,600 to the Biden Victory Fund. The donations trail indicates a blurry overlap between liberal causes and Democratic politics.

Hawley’s letter is part of a broader response to ongoing protests and sit-ins at universities nationwide sparked by Israel’s military actions in Gaza. These protests have led to numerous arrests and, in some cases, escalated into riots. Since mid-April, over 2,400 arrests have been made related to pro-Palestinian demonstrations on at least 45 campuses across at least 30 states.

Senator Tom Cotton has also responded by proposing a bill that would deny federal student loan forgiveness to individuals convicted of crimes associated with these protests.

Meanwhile, officials in various cities have noted the influence of external agitators at these protests, with New York City Mayor Eric Adams pointing out that many involved are not students but professional protesters.

This situation continues to evolve as universities like Harvard, MIT, and Emory have warned protesters that they could face suspension or arrest if encampments on campus are not disbanded.