Bill Gates Wants Vaccines in the Food Supply to ‘Fight Climate Change’

Alexander Raths /
Alexander Raths /

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been revealed as the main financial backer of a plan to inject the entire world’s beef and dairy supply with DNA-altering vaccines. We already know what you’re thinking: What could possibly go wrong? Gates plans to do this despite objections of most human beings and the ranchers who own the cattle. His reason for wanting to do this sounds clinically insane. Gates wants to alter the DNA of every cow on Earth to save the weather from your SUV.

Gates has quietly been funneling buckets of cash into the development of an experimental vaccine that he wants jabbed into every cow on the planet. According to a new report from Axios, Gates is the leader of an investment fund that just poured $26.5 million into a Boston pharmaceutical company called ArkeaBio.

According to ArkeaBio, the new DNA-altering “vaccine” that it’s developing is going to help “save the planet” from “climate change.”

Wow! That sounds like an exciting vaccine, doesn’t it?

Hey, does everyone remember when Bill Gates was in trouble because he was hanging around so much with his good friend Jeffrey Epstein the convicted child sex trafficker, and Gates took all those trips to Pedophile Island with his good friend? And then Bill Gates suddenly became an expert on farming and vaccines, and everyone just sort of forgot about the child sex trafficking thing? We’re not sure why we were just reminded of that, but it seems somehow relevant.

You’re probably wondering how a vaccine for cows is going to “save the planet” from the fake and nonexistent problem of global warming. According to ArkeaBio, their vaccine is going to alter the DNA of cows so that they will fart less.

In case you’re under the impression that you’ve been reading a satire article on the Babylon Bee, you’re not. This is a real news story. Bill Gates is funding research to tamper with the food supply by altering cow DNA to make cows less flatulent. We know it sounds like everyone involved belongs in Ye Olde Lunatick Asylum for the Criminally Insane, but this is actually happening.

Anyone who has ever passed a junior high-level Life Sciences class can immediately spot the incredible risk of this insane plot. Once you alter the DNA of an animal, it is technically a mutant. It’s no longer the same species that it was before having its DNA altered. Mutants tend to be sexually sterile.

Just ask the 20,000 US servicemembers who were sexually sterilized by the COVID gene serums when Joe Biden violated their constitutional rights with his illegal vaccine mandates. (Per statistics from the US Army’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database which were leaked to the public in 2023.)

If this Bill Gates-funded company manages to create a DNA-altering “vaccine” that reduces cow farts, it could end up inadvertently sterilizing most of the cows on earth. (Or maybe they plan to do it intentionally.) Imagine the levels of famine if they manage to wipe out all the beef and dairy cattle in the world with an experimental vaccine.

Of course, the global warming cultists would view that as a plus, since every human being is an expendable, bipedal carbon emitter in their eyes. You’ll obviously just have to start eating bugs for protein if the “scientists” should accidentally wipe out all the farm animals. That’s a sacrifice that the weather zealots are also willing to have you make.

Who gave Bill Gates permission to tamper with the world’s food supply like this? Did anyone get to take a vote on this?