American Couple Transporting Cartel Cocaine Gunned Down by Texas Police

Fuss Sergey /
Fuss Sergey /

An American couple was killed in a shootout with police last week as they were transporting more than $3 million worth of cocaine into the country for a Mexican drug cartel. Police think the couple knew the cartel would kill them if they lost the drugs to law enforcement, so they decided to go out in a blaze of glory instead.

Law enforcement had been investigating 60-year-old Edward Stevenson from Cookeville, TN, along with his wife Elizabeth, 51, for suspected drug trafficking. The cops executed a search warrant at the couple’s home on Thursday.

Investigators recovered meth, fentanyl, a stack of firearms and ammunition, and body armor in the couple’s home. As that was happening 90 miles east of Nashville, police learned that the Stevensons were driving a semi-truck through Texas that was carrying a load of drugs. They contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Texas law enforcement spotted the truck on Highway 70 in Clarendon, TX on Friday afternoon. A Donley County Sheriff’s Department deputy tried to pull the truck over, but Edward Stevenson refused to stop. The Texas Department of Public Safety, a Parks and Wildlife Game Warden, and deputies from the Gray County Sheriff’s office all joined in the pursuit. Elizabeth started shooting at police during the pursuit.

When the big rig turned onto Interstate 40, state troopers took out all its tires with spike strips. At that point, Edward and Elizabeth jumped out of the truck and started shooting at the officers who had them surrounded. Elizabeth was killed at the scene and Edward died at the hospital shortly after.

The truck was carrying 64 pounds of cocaine, valued at about $3.4 million. This is a direct result of Joe Biden’s open border policies, which are turning the streets and highways of America into a war zone.