Biden to Declare Mass Amnesty and Martial Law Before November?

Skreidzeleu /
Skreidzeleu /

The chaos and disorder that allowed the left to steal the 2020 election from Americans is repeating itself. The conditions that Joe Biden has created in the country through three and a half years of open borders have led to the most dangerous time in the history of our Republic. Most people agree that 2024 is going to be chaotic and crazy—but how chaotic and crazy? How’s this for a nightmare scenario? Joe Biden could declare mass amnesty and voting rights for more than 30 million illegal aliens. That would be followed by declaring martial law and canceling the election. If that sounds farfetched, keep reading.

Think back to what happened in 2020. A violent career criminal named George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose as police were restraining him and trying to save his life. That sparked five months of non-stop, organized Color Revolution riots in the United States.

The reaction of our Congress to these violent, destabilizing riots was disgusting. President Donald Trump wanted to send in the National Guard to calm things down. What did Republicans in Congress do? They lathered their entire bodies with Vaseline and spread their cheeks for the left. They couldn’t surrender to the mobs fast enough.

Senators like James Lankford (R-OK) and Tim Scott (R-SC) got the names of military bases changed to try to appease the mob. Nikki Haley informed white Americans that they need to “suffer” because of their privilege. We reordered American society to the point where black criminals are no longer held accountable for violent crimes in many states.

Fast forward to 2024.

Almost four years to the date after George Floyd’s accidental death, massive crowds of Joe Biden’s illegal alien invaders began taking to the streets in mass protests. The blocked traffic in New York City last week in protest of Biden’s toothless executive order that will do nothing to slow the mass invasion of our country:

Just imagine for a second how easy it’s going to be to turn those protests into fiery and violent confrontations with illegal alien mobs. All it would take is for some cop to shoot a teenage illegal alien gang banger in self-defense, and then it’s off to the races.

As many as 15 million people are estimated to have taken part in the BLM terrorist riots of 2020. Joe Biden has invited an illegal alien army into the US twice that size since 2021. Rather than shooting all the illegals, which is what any sane country would do, Joe Biden will immediately move to appease the mobs. He might not even have to declare amnesty through an executive order. Congress will be so weak and scared that they’d pass a full amnesty vote within 24 hours if prompted. Senator Lankford has probably already pre-ordered a gallon of Vaseline from Amazon.

This would tip the scales to the point where no Republican can ever win the presidency in America again. It would trigger an obvious conservative uprising, which would give Joe Biden the reason to do the one thing that he’s always consistently talking about: Killing American citizens who oppose his illegitimate regime. Nukes and F-15s will be on the table.

That’s the nightmare scenario that Americans could be facing. Donald Trump could very well be imprisoned at Rikers Island in a few weeks, leaving the MAGA movement rudderless as Joe Biden tries to remain in power. If an illegal alien is killed by the police in a highly public fashion within the next few weeks, you will know that this is the left’s plan for 2024.