Biden Blew $42.5 Billion on a Project with Zero Accomplishments

Paul Froggatt /
Paul Froggatt /

Back when Joe Biden and Congress went on that drunken sailor spending spree in 2021, they set aside $42.5 billion to expand access to high-speed internet to everyone in the United States. Guess how many people have been connected in the past three and a half years. That would be zero. Not even one, according to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

Carr notes that there are no plans to even begin any construction projects with the money until 2025 at the earliest. There are still a number of places across America and in rural areas in states like Alaska that don’t have access to high-speed internet. The money set aside for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program was specifically supposed to address this.

Instead of spending any of the money on actual infrastructure, Carr says that Biden has been layering his usual woke, liberal nonsense on top of the program. He’s been spending the money on global warming nonsense, expanding Big Tech censorship of conservatives, and diversity initiatives. None of which have anything to do with laying new cables for internet access.

The money was appropriated as part of the so-called bi-partisan infrastructure bill. For those who have been keeping track, the entire infrastructure bill appears to be another money-laundering operation for Joe Biden and his Cabinet.

This announcement about the lack of progress on high-speed internet comes just a few weeks after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg failed to explain why the government has spent billions of dollars to build “seven or eight” new electric car charging stations.

FCC Commissioner Carr explained in a statement to Congress that Biden is deliberately doing this to freeze rural Americans out of having high-speed internet access. You can probably connect the dots on that one. Rural Americans don’t vote for Joe Biden, so what does he care?