Fully Half of All Hispanic Americans Want Illegals Deported 

Billion Photos / shutterstock.com
Billion Photos / shutterstock.com

When faced with the unpopularity of Biden’s efforts on illegal immigration, Democrats did what they do best – ignore, lie, and deflect. 

From media outlets’ refusal to believe the polls to a senior Biden advisor’s claim that polling teams had “gotten this wrong,” Team Biden refuses to acknowledge that the average American supports mass deportation of illegals. 

Former DNC chair and senior Biden advisor Tom Perez blithely downplayed the will of Americans, 62% of which, according to polls, support sending illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin. Instead, he insisted during an interview that Biden’s Hail Mary executive order would be legally and morally correct and “popular.” 

Perez also suggested that Biden’s actions would keep communities and families together before inexplicably adding, “We’ve got a workforce shortage.”  His slip suggests that illegal immigrants are competing for jobs, just as Americans have feared since Biden took office and shredded every border protection former President Donald Trump had passed. 

Trump has proposed mass deportations as a priority if he wins the election, and Americans seem to be all about it.  

Even Hispanic Americans, a voting bloc in which Democrats have been hemorrhaging support for several months, have no patience for illegal immigrants. In a stunning new poll, it was revealed that fully 50% of Hispanic Americans want to see them booted out of America. Only 47% of the June CBS/YouGov poll respondents oppose mass deportations. 

It’s been a shocking ride for Democrats, who believed Americans would support the idea of allowing millions of illegals to flood the country, mainly at the expense of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. But according to polling findings, the majority of Americans are fed up with the Biden administration’s “no policy” at the border. This includes independents, moderates, Republicans, those without college degrees, women, and men. Young voters under 30, liberals, and Democrats are against the idea of mass deportations. 

The revelation that the Hispanic community supports deportation is a tough pill for Democrats to swallow. Democratic strategist Marie Cardona was one liberal who received an embarrassing wake-up call during a CNN interview after her claims that Hispanics don’t favor deporting illegals. 

CNN host Jim Acosta clapped back against Cardona with the full support of CNN commentator Scott Jennings. When Jennings pointed to recent polls suggesting that even Hispanics support mass deportations, Cardona insisted it wasn’t true. Jennings replied, “It’s absolutely true,” and suggested that Cardona would be embarrassed after she Googled the polls herself. Cardona replied that she had “issues” with the poll’s results. 

For Acosta, the admission was not an easy one. Last week, the CNN host debated Tim Burchett (R-TN) about February’s “bipartisan effort” to protect the border. Burchett minced no words in his reply, characterizing the proposed bill as a “terrible piece of legislation.” Burchett criticized the bill for hiring more attorneys to help illegal immigrants enter the country, arguing that when these immigrants are given court dates two years in the future, they won’t return for their hearings. He called the legislation a disaster and a terrible law, claiming it would do nothing but allow 5,000 illegal immigrants to cross the border daily. 

But Biden never lets a little thing like opposition stand in the way of moving his progressive agenda forward, even if it flies in the face of the people’s will. His administration has put measures in place to halt migrant entry at the southern border if the daily average number of border encounters reaches 2,500 for seven consecutive days, ensuring that the flow would be reduced but not stopped.  

Biden began his presidency by promising significant relief for the millions of immigrants without permanent legal status in the U.S. However, with migrant numbers reaching record highs and an upcoming reelection campaign against Donald Trump, Biden implemented a border crackdown this month that critics compare to Trump’s policies. The new measures provide deportation protections and work permits while removing legal barriers for illegal immigrants to apply for permanent residency and, eventually, U.S. citizenship. 

Biden attempted to sell his executive order as a way to control the border and manage asylum claims, but Americans grow weary at the deflections of the administration.  

Biden, already losing support among Hispanic voters over crime and the economy, is giving this once-reliable voting bloc another excuse to abandon him in November. The most recent polls suggest that Latino voters in seven battleground states trust Trump more than Biden on immigration, 41% to 38%. 

Unfortunately for Biden, inflation and the economy top the list of concerns for Hispanics heading into the election, giving Team Biden three strikes in the eyes of Latino voters. In November, Americans will decide if it’s game over for Team Biden.