Gov. DeSantis Solved the Problem of Illegal Aliens Leeching Off Medicaid

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One of the most untold stories of Joe Biden’s disastrous term in office is how badly his Third World invaders are bankrupting the healthcare system in America. Tens of billions of dollars in care have been handed out to people who should not be here and who have no intention of ever paying the hospitals back. So, how do you stop criminal invaders from leeching off the system this much? Florida may have just provided us with the answer.

Last year, the Florida legislature passed a bill that Ron DeSantis signed into law. Senate Bill 1718 went into effect in July 2023. The bill adds a simple requirement that hospitals must follow when providing care to people: They must ask patients what their immigration status is when they apply for Medicaid to pay their hospital bills.

That’s it.

In the ten months since the law went into effect, Florida’s Medicaid spending on illegal aliens plummeted by 54%. Simply requiring them to state for the record that they are in the country illegally is enough to keep more than half of the invaders from seeking “free” healthcare at the expense of Americans.

To give a sense of just how devastating illegal aliens are to the healthcare system, here are the sums that various hospitals in Florida have lost due to Joe Biden’s illegals never paying their bills:
• Manatee Memorial Hospital – $21.2 million
• Broward County – $43,056,022
• Duval – $31,439,143
• Hillsborough – $58,822,134
• Orange – $58,328,521
• Miami-Dade – $231,804,144

That’s just Florida. This is happening in all 50 states because Joe Biden refuses to carry out the duties of the Executive branch by enforcing the country’s immigration laws. It is unsustainable and it is destroying the country in slow motion. Eventually, the system will start to break apart very quickly once we pass the tipping point.

Florida, however, has figured out a way to stop the bleeding. According to a report in Politico, the state doled out $148.4 million in state and federal Medicaid care to illegal aliens in the year before Senate Bill 1718 went into effect. Between July 2023 and May 2024, the state had paid out just $67 million.

That’s an incredible savings to the taxpayers. All it took was asking people what their immigration status is to scare a lot of them away from abusing the system. Hospitals are still required to provide emergency care whenever an illegal shows up and really needs it, but the idea of having to self-report that they’re in the country illegally spooks a lot of them.

This also illustrates an important point in the immigration debate. These people are not coming here to work or to pursue “the American dream.” Those days are long gone. These invaders are coming for the freebies and handouts. They’re coming to leech off of systems that they have never paid into, and they laugh at us behind our backs as they take advantage of our generosity. But if you put up the slightest roadblock between them and a handout, a lot of them won’t come here in the first place.

Cutting off benefits, asking for immigration status in the emergency room, requiring E-Verify in the workplace, and other small things can make it not worth the effort for them to come here in the first place. Many will self-deport as soon as we stop taking away their free bennies—and the Florida law proves that. Will other states be smart enough to adopt similar legislation to save their hospitals?