One Prominent Democrat Refuses to Campaign for Joe Biden – Here’s Why

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During every presidential election cycle, prominent Democrats circle the wagon to support their nominee, no matter how loathsome that person might be. This year is not much different. Everyone from failed former presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to dopey celebrities who support leftist causes but don’t even vote (We’re looking at you, Taylor!) have come out to help fundraise for Joe Biden. You may have noticed one person who has been conspicuously absent from the campaign trail this year, though. Why is Michelle Obama throwing shade at Joe Biden?

The Democrats really know how to turn out celebrities for their fundraising events. Donald Trump is no slouch at this on the Republican side, either. But let’s face it. There’s simply no comparison between Michelle Obama and accused sex offender Lizzo when it comes to raising money from wealthy leftist donors.

Democrat donors adore Michelle Obama for reasons that are a mystery to most of us on the right. She’s unaccomplished, lazy, and not very attractive. She and her fake husband emerged from the White House as ultra-wealthy one-percenters, despite being in public service their whole lives. Yet the Democrats all act as if she’s intelligent and amazing. (Then again, they talk the same way about Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton, so figure that one out.)

According to Axios, the tensions between the Bidens and the Obamas date back to at least 2015. Barack Obama insisted that Joe and Jill Biden’s crackhead son, Hunter, give up his high-paying job as a DC lobbyist because of the optics. In Hunter Biden’s autobiography, he goes into detail about how much he hated the people in the Obama White House because they all treated his dad like a bumbling fool for some reason.

That’s absolutely true. Obama White House staffers had perfected the art of throwing Joe Biden under the bus anytime they needed someone to blame. No one respected him and everyone knew that the Biden crime family was hoovering up cash from China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, and other countries in exchange for foreign policy favors. That was the main reason why Obama insisted that Hunter Biden find a new career.

There’s more to the spat between the Obamas and Bidens than that, however. Michelle Obama is good friends with Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife. Axios says that Michelle was upset with the way that the Biden family treated Kathleen after the divorce. Things got especially tense after Hunter Biden shacked up with his dead brother’s widow, Hallie Biden. The Bidens embraced the new relationship while shunning Hunter’s ex-wife. The whole thing creeped Michelle out because it was so bizarre.

Barack Obama was also creeped out by the alleged incestuous behavior of the Biden family. He attended a fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation in the fall of 2017 and reportedly told people that the Biden family dynamics were some “weird sh*t.” That’s really saying something when you remember that Barack Obama smokes crack and has sex with men!

That’s why you haven’t seen one of the rockstars of the Democrat Party campaigning for Joe Biden this year. Michelle Obama loathes the Biden family and you really can’t fault her for that. Despite the bad blood between the two camps, one of Michelle’s aides has been meeting with the Biden campaign and trying to figure out a way to have Michelle somehow contribute to the effort. Whether Michelle will agree to that is another question.