The US Air Force Just Hosted a Charity Golf Game for Ukrainian Nazis

Bulat.Iskhakov /
Bulat.Iskhakov /

Three weeks prior to Joe Biden’s disastrous debate with President Donald J. Trump, the US Air Force was hosting a charity golf tournament for wounded Ukrainian Nazis from the infamous Azov Battalion. Your first question is probably, “Where did this take place?” Was it in Western Ukraine, far away from the Russian front? Was it in France or some other rabidly pro-Ukrainian Nazi country in Europe? It wasn’t. The charity tournament took place here in the United States. In fact, it was in Prince George’s County, Maryland, at a golf tournament just 15 miles south of the White House. The Biden regime flew wounded Nazis to America to throw them a party.

Six wounded Nazis from the Azov Battalion were flown from Ukraine to party at “The Course at Andrews.” Joint Base Andrews is where Air Force One is usually parked and the base is home to three 18-hole golf courses where a lot of former presidents enjoyed playing. The Nazis were hosted for their three-day party and charity golf tournament by US Army Gen. David Petraeus (Ret.), who was the head of the CIA for Barack Obama.

The charity tournament and party was described as the first annual “US-Ukraine Freedom Summit,” hosted by something called the Borderlands Foundation. So apparently, we’re going to be hosting Ukrainian Nazis here every year for a charity event to raise money for wounded Nazis.

Just in case anyone is confused when we use the term “Nazis,” we are in fact talking about those Nazis. The Azov Battalion in Ukraine uses insignia from Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler on its patches and uniforms. They are Nazis in every sense of the word. They’re like the great-grandchildren of Nazi Germany. They support the fact that Nazi Germany killed six million Jews, ten million Christians, and 30 million Russians in World War II.

Just as the average Trump supporter could be described as an ideological descendant of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington, the average member of the Azov Battalion could be described as the ideological descendant of Adolph Hitler or Heinrich Himmler. They’re Nazis.

The Borderlands Foundation has entered into a memo of cooperation with “Azov’s Angels,” a group that supports rehabilitating wounded Ukrainian Nazi soldiers. They’re not rehabilitating the wounded soldiers from Nazism. They’re rehabbing them from their wounds, so they can go back to hating Jews, Christians, Russians, freedom, and human rights.

Part of the memo of cooperation with the Borderlands Foundation includes a charity golf tournament near Washington, DC every year. In case you’re having trouble figuring out which side is the “good guys” and which side is the “bad guys” in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, here is a quick primer.

Ukraine is a backwater country that has literal Nazis in its military, who routinely murder Russian civilians and surrendering POWs. Vladimir Putin says the de-Nazification of Eastern Europe is part of his casus belli for invading.

Volodymyr Zelensky canceled Ukraine’s elections in May and stayed in power as a dictator, after outlawing all opposition political parties. Vladimir Putin is a popular, democratically elected leader who was reelected in a landslide by his people in Russia’s most recent election.

Zelensky has outlawed Christianity in Ukraine, arrested Christian priests, and bulldozed Christian churches. Vladimir Putin points out that Russia is a Christian country and its people have been faithful Christians since 988 A.D., despite the 70 years of hell that the country experienced under communism.

Ukraine’s Nazi battalion has burned Donald Trump in effigy while complaining that he wants to end the war. Vladimir Putin says he’s happy to hear Trump’s ideas.

Spoiler alert: The Ukrainians are the “bad guys” in that conflict.

Why are we supporting this sh*thole country, Ukraine? Why are we sending hundreds of billions of dollars to its corrupt Nazi leaders? Why are we flying Nazis from Ukraine to Maryland so we can throw parties and charity golf tournaments for them with the former head of the CIA? Someone should ask Congress those questions.