Americans Largely Support Keeping Title 42 / /

When President Trump unveiled the idea of Title 42 keeping people seeking asylum in Mexico due to COVID, the liberal left lost their minds. The idea of telling people that they couldn’t come here made their heads spin as they couldn’t imagine doing something so necessary to keep the country secure. In their eyes, this was the best thing ever.

It would seem now that the tables have turned.

In a December survey by Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, 1,851 registered voters were asked about their feelings concerning this barrier that President Trump built, and President Biden is now destroying in the name of being woke.

“Title 42 is a regulation providing that because of COVID, those who attempt to cross the border illegally can be sent to Mexico to wait for a court date. Do you think that provision should be continued and those asylum seekers kept out of the US or do you think the rule should be repealed and those migrants allowed to come into the US to wait for a court date?”

The results of this simple question were astounding. 66% of swing-voting independent voters want to see the barrier remain in place, 80% of Republicans want to keep it, and an astonishing 79% of Democrats are in favor of it. When looking at a racial breakdown, 67% of Hispanics support continuing Title 42, as do 77% of blacks.

Getting these kinds of results comes largely from asking about their feelings about Title 42 and immigration, and not asking about Biden and his migration plans. It also ignores the push from labor-hungry companies, CEOs, and political leaders looking for a “throwaway” vote.

With Biden’s border chief Cuban-born, pro-migration extremist Alejandro Mayorkas doing his best to dismantle Title 42 as quickly as possible, the border has fallen to bits. Since he took up his position, 70% of illegals who are caught have been allowed to stay and compete for jobs and housing. It has been found that many who fail then return to Mexico, and hire cartel members known as “coyotes” to ensure their safe passage through more remote sections of the border or advanced tunnels. This could potentially boost their success rate to 90%, but it has yet to be documented accurately.

Currently, the Supreme Court is in limbo while deciding when and how to end Title 42, as well as if Biden and his administration have failed to enforce our border laws. If they find that he has, then impeachment for Biden as well as others could be on the horizon soon. However, Biden nor anyone in his administration seems bothered by this possibility. With other border policies in the works that would greatly push the mainstream media’s narrative about the border being secure, as well as helping leftist companies to hire more illegal immigrants who are suddenly “legal” for what would amount to slave wages, Biden and his supporters have a plan in place.

Doing this would ensure the America first voters who have their heads in the sand would be more apt to continue voting for Biden in 2024, and as a recourse, likely stay voting for Democrats going forward as well.

With companies and the federal taxes boosting from “extraction migration”, the resources and people of poor countries are being extracted and shipped here. These resources come cheap, they are plentiful, and they send investors profits skyrocketing. Meanwhile, the rent and housing prices in these communities skyrocket. This is largely because these immigrants are willing to sleep with many more people in a house than a standard US couple is comfortable with. This means larger incomes and being able to afford bigger homes, too, thus sending prices even higher.

Keeping Title 42 in place and strengthening it would mean an end to these unfair labor practices, and could even help to curb inflation. It won’t fix the problem, but it damn sure will help stop the bleeding.