Walmart Threatens to Close Stores Over Democrats’ Woke Shoplifting Policies

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Sundry Photography / shutterstock.comAmerica is continuing its slow decline into Third World dump status, thanks to an unwillingness of the American people and Congress to stand up to George Soros. The reclusive billionaire’s bought-and-paid-for District Attorneys in major cities are wrecking the country. Soros DAs refuse to prosecute what they describe as “petty crime,” and this philosophy is […]

Trump Did What Obama, Bush, and Clinton Couldn’t

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Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.comThere are a good many individuals in the United States who would say that Donald Trump was the worst president our nation has ever seen. Why? Well, for most, it was how he occasionally portrayed himself in public and on social media. They didn’t like that he said what he thought and didn’t apologize. They […]

NY Wants To Follow CA and Start Handing Out Reparations Despite Not Being Able To Pay for Basic Infrastructure

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michelmond / shutterstock.comThroughout the years, New York has been nipping at the heels of California like an annoying little brother, even though they are the older state. The Democrat’s persistent chase for the minority vote is always at the top of the list of similarities, and now NY is trying to follow California’s lead in terms of […]

Biden Gets Snubbed by Key Dem

YASAMIN JAFARI TEHRANI / shutterstock.comWhen the president of the United States invites you to join him, either at the White House or especially on a trip, very few people ever decline. I mean, this is the most powerful man in the free world and supposedly beloved by all. And the fact that he’s requested your presence should be a […]

After 33 Years, Disney Ride Suddenly Too “Racist”

VIAVAL TOURS / shutterstock.comDisney has been considered the gold standard for family-friendly entertainment for ages. The legacy of the late Walt Disney, its films, books, and theme parks have captivated fans of the franchise for decades. Many travel across the globe to see their favorite characters and to spend a day on the ever-evolving attractions and eat the […]

Whistleblower Finally Admits COVID Was Leaked From a Wuhan Lab

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angellodeco / shutterstock.comEver since the news broke of the existence of COVID-19, people have been suspicious of the “bat soup” origins that were initially reported. While it was just messing with China initially, the US felt safe about it but began taking appropriate measures. Then it started spreading like wildfire. Suddenly, the jokes about the origins, names, […]

There Was a Red Wave in the Midterms…and It was Socialism

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Good Luck Photo / shutterstock.comRemember when all the talk was about the potential red wave that was coming at the midterm elections? There was an expectation that the GOP would come out of the election with a resounding majority in both chambers of Congress. Most people have agreed that there was no red wave, just a little red trickle. […]

Lightfoot’s Chicago Continues to Be a Danger

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Rudy Balasko / shutterstock.comThe word “impeachment” gets thrown around a lot. Many tried to impeach Donald Trump. And now that the GOP is in the House majority, the word is getting thrown around a bit more for not only Biden and Harris but for other members of the Biden administration, too. Mayors are not immune to being impeached. […]

Kari Lake Digs in for Long Legal Fight Over Another Stolen Arizona Election

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lev radin / shutterstock.comNow that the 2022 midterm election for Governor of Arizona has been called for Democrat Katie Hobbs, there’s no longer any doubt as to who the most popular politician in that state is. She garnered more votes than any other person running for any other office in Arizona. Congratulations are definitely in order for her. […]

What It Takes to Golf Like Trump

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Stuart Miles / shutterstock.comIt’s hard to talk about Donald Trump without talking about his love for golf. And the Democrats used to love pointing out how much time he would spend golfing throughout his time in office. Suddenly, the few hours here and there on a golf course seem like nothing in comparison to the vacation time that […]