Why Gun Owners Continue to Fight for Second Amendment Rights

Daniel Tadevosyan / shutterstock.com
Daniel Tadevosyan / shutterstock.com

Our Second Amendment rights are under attack. Why? Because when one person uses a gun illegally, the liberal government wants to penalize everyone.

We’ve known for a while that there are people who don’t follow the rules. They will kill innocent people because they have the desire to do so…and because they are mentally ill.

Yet, America was built on the premise of being able to defend oneself. It’s so that we can defend ourselves against a tyrannical government as well as protect ourselves if someone shows up with the intent to do us harm.

Look around the country. Police departments don’t have the level of funding that they once did. In some liberal cities, you’ll get a busy signal when you call 9-1-1. At best, you’ll be on hold for 10 minutes. And when you do get through to someone, the response time could be longer than it should be, creating a situation where you have to defend yourself.

And then…we hear stories like what happened at a north Georgia convenience store last week. A husband and wife duo showed up at a convenience store with the intent to rob. The man went behind the counter pointing a .45 at the clerk and demanded money while the wife waited in the car.

There was no way for the clerk to call for help.

The police officers were nowhere around.

Luckily, there were three customers – two in the building and another pumping gas – that had guns. One man who was legally carrying a concealed gun intervened. Another customer ran to his car to get his gun so that he could, as the police explained, “assist the first customer in subduing the suspect.”

The third customer who was pumping gas came in as the suspect was leaving to offer further assistance.

The first customer explained to the other two customers not to shoot since they had already disarmed the suspect.

The cops finally arrived. The suspect was ultimately tased after not following instructions from the officers. And, after that, the suspect and his wife, were taken into custody.

The man, Shawn Sutton, faces a long list of charges as does the wife, Melody Sutton.

All of the customers who came to help in that situation had legal permits. They were following the law.

If we allow the government to take away our guns, things will change. More people like the Suttons will continue to have guns because they have no regard for the law. And people like the innocent clerks of convenience stores will die because those who are legally carrying permits will be disarmed.

Fair? Absolutely not. And it’s why people will continue to fight for our second amendment rights. We cannot let the bad guys win.