Japanese Doctors Baffled Why So Many Vaccinated People Are Dying Suddenly

Robert Kneschke / shutterstock.com
Robert Kneschke / shutterstock.com

Japan is now going through the worst wave of COVID deaths since the pandemic initially escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, sometime around October 2019. This is a bizarre outcome. Especially when you consider that Japan is now one of the most heavily vaccinated and boosted countries in the world. Here we have another example of medical professionals and authorities pretending to be confused. They just can’t imagine a possible reason why so many vaccinated people are now dying in Japan.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Japan is one of the most heavily boosted countries on earth. The Japanese government didn’t even need to coerce their population very much to get them clamoring for the Pfizer/Moderna shots.

By way of comparison, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Austria, and France were all far more heavy-handed in forcing their populations to get the jab. And yet booster rates in those countries have fallen off a cliff. 94% of Canadians are fully vaccinated (2 shots), but only about 78% have received a booster shot.

The same holds true for the rest of those countries. In France and New Zealand, less than 70% have received a booster shot. People are giving up on vaccines, no matter what their government tells them.

But that’s not the case in Japan. For every 100 Japanese adults, the country has administered more than 130 booster shots. People are lining up to take extra mRNA shots, over and above being “fully vaccinated.”

People over 65 are especially getting dosed. Japan has administered third, fourth, and fifth shots to their 65+ population. 91% received the first booster, 82.5% received the second booster, and 56% have received the third booster as of this writing.

Despite having possibly the highest vaccination rate in the world, Japan is now facing its worst wave of COVID deaths since the pandemic started. Deaths in January of 2022 are approaching 400 per day, even though they have almost a fully vaccinated and boosted society. They’ve had more than 60,000 deaths in the past month. During the wave that happened in January of 2021, right before the rollout of the COVID vaccines, Japan was experiencing fewer than 100 deaths per day.
The death rate in ultra-vaxed and boosted Japan is now 4X higher than it was when there was no vaccine available at all, in other words.

Dr. Satoshi Kamayachi, the head of the Japan Medical Association, says the spike in deaths could not possibly have anything to do with the vaccines.

“There are many things we don’t know, and we don’t have any evidence yet,” Kamayachi insists. “There is no evidence of increased toxicity [from the vaccines].”
Takaji Wakita, the chairman of Japan’s COVID Response Advisory Board, is equally mystified. They have no possible answer – at least they don’t have one that they will admit out loud – as to why there’s been a 400% increase in COVID deaths after fully vaccinating the entire country.

Dr. Kamayashi says that many of the hospitalized COVID patients are expiring from either heart failure or kidney disease as the main cause of death. You don’t say!

Gee, was there anything introduced to the populations of the world right around January of 2021 that has heart failure as a known side effect, which was injected into the arms of billions of people, often by coercion? And isn’t kidney failure a known side effect of Remdesivir, the main drug (manufactured by Pfizer) that is used as a treatment protocol in Japanese hospitals?

Let’s hope that scientists can come up with a theory as to why this might be happening, so they can get to the bottom of it soon. (Sarcasm.) It looks like they have a true medical mystery on their hands.