The WH Influence Who Could Become POTUS and Not Even Need to be Elected

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

As we begin to discuss 2024 and what that year’s presidential elections will hold, there’s a growing concern that someone else is basically already taking over the throne. And all without the need to be elected.

If you guessed that person to be First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, you are correct.

According to Nancy Cook from Bloomberg, the first lady has slowly weaseled her way into being the president’s “closest and most protective confidante.”

Now, to be sure, as Biden’s wife and life partner, there are certain things we should expect from her. She supposedly loves and cares for him, so she’s obviously going to do all that she can to help wherever and whenever it is possible.

She’s going to speak highly of him. She’s going to defend him. And, as any good wife, she’s likely a very real part of his decision-making process.
If Biden respects her opinion, then it’s not unlikely that she has a say in several national interests, whether officially or not, just because she has shared her thoughts on such with her husband.

However, there are a few lines, unwritten though they may be, that she appears to be crossing. And some would even say that she is now the real power behind the Oval Office.

As Cook writes, she is no longer just playing the role of a helpful and devoted wife. Instead, she’s rather heavily involved in just about every decision to be made in the White House. And it’s only expected to get worse the closer we reach 2024.

“As the campaign unfolds, the first lady is expected to assert herself on major decisions, especially the biggest of them all: whether Biden – at 80, the oldest person to ever hold the presidency – will run for re-election in the first place.”

According to sources close to the issue, including Biden himself, she supports another Biden term. Biden says she believes he is doing good work there. Other sources confirm this, saying that she thinks her husband is doing a much better job than his 42% approval rating suggests.

And so, she’s willing to do all she can to improve that supposedly false image of him.

But does that include hiding him from the public and acting as his “surrogate?”

This possibility is concerning for those like Fox News columnist Liz Peek. And she has a very real point.

I mean, what if Biden’s mental faculties really are at depletion, and it is the first lady running the country? What if she’s telling him what to do and assuming his role behind the scenes?

As Peek reminds her readers, Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, is no longer in the White House. And this has created “something of a power vacuum” that it seems Jill Biden has used to achieve more sway.

The report goes on to note that in the weeks since Klain’s departure, it has been Jill who has been Biden’s decision-making adviser, from everything to whether or not he’s running again to policy and hiring decisions, including his recent choice for Secretary of Education.

She also seems to have a tight leash on his schedule and who he talks to. In fact, if you haven’t noticed, there have been several times over the last two years when she has physically pulled him away from reporters and such or gotten between them and her seeming flailing husband.

Hell, she even burst into a meeting of Biden’s top aides last year to rip them a new one for letting him talk to reporters during a news conference.

Naturally, the idea that she’s the one actually running the show is more than a bit frightening. First and foremost is the fact that she was not elected to do so. The nation may have voted her husband into office.

She was not, and as such, she does not have the right or authority to make some of the decisions she supposedly is. Neither has she ever held a public office or even had experience in politics beyond being the wife of a lifelong politician.

At this point, you can be sure that if Biden is re-elected, it will be Jill de facto POTUS, not Joe.