Cambridge University: White Students Need Not Apply

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You might think that the plague of anti-white racism that has infected college campuses is restricted to here in America. But you’d be wrong. Most of the colleges in European-based nations are now consumed with crushing white students outright while providing every advantage and perk possible to non-whites. Cambridge University in England is the latest example. The school has been accused of being “a bit racist” for excluding middle-class white students from a graduate program aimed at underrepresented groups.

If there’s any group that qualifies as underrepresented on colleges these days, it’s white students. No one would ever dream of establishing a whites-only scholarship, let alone a whites-only graduate program. Someone would burn your house down for merely suggesting it.

The program at Cambridge that has been dubbed “a bit racist” sounds like a sweet deal for any college student. Participants in the program would get to live on campus for free for six weeks during the summer. During that time, they’re paid wages for 35 hours of work per week while being trained in research strategies. At the end of the six-week program, they write an essay about how they want to get into an advanced graduate program.

Too bad white students are blocked from participating.

As the Telegraph in London reported, “The programme will be advertised for second or third-year UG [undergraduate] students from Black, British Black, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or British-Pakistani, British Bangladeshi students studying at traditional research-intensive universities, who are planning to continue their studies in 2024.”

Cambridge finally decided to reverse course on this obviously racist policy – but only after they were embarrassed by being caught. The Telegraph called the university and asked why white students were being barred from the program, especially since they are the single most underrepresented group at Cambridge. Once they got caught, Cambridge expanded the program to include “socio-economic factors,” rather than skin color.

Everyone knows what’s really happening here, though. This is a massive wealth transference scheme that’s been going on since the 1960s. Professor David Abulafia of Gonville and Caius College noted, “The racial criterion seemed to assume non-white students are automatically disadvantaged. Isn’t that a little bit racist?”

Well, yes, it is. That’s the whole point.

One of the central tenets of modern liberal orthodoxy is that non-white students can’t cut it in society, so they need to be handed every advantage over white students – even if that means denying whites access to advanced education, jobs, or anything else. So, yes, it’s “a bit racist.” It assumes that non-whites are incapable, and therefore whites must be discriminated against in order to level the playing field. This is otherwise known as the “equity” that the Biden administration is pushing here in the US.

Joe Biden’s flack in the White House press office recently bragged about how historic the Biden regime is because of equity. They have more women, more people of color, and more LGBTQ+ people in jobs in the Biden White House than in any previous American administration.

But because every job in the Biden White House is granted based on skin color or how weird their weekends are, everything in the country is falling apart. The same goes for Britain and every other country that is now discriminating against heterosexual whites in such a brazen fashion.

A study issued by Great Britain’s Department for Education last year found that white students are now the smallest minority being allowed into the country’s top universities. As a percentage, there are fewer whites than any other race allowed into the top college than any other race. How long will it be before this infection spreads to America?