Colbert Admits to Have Been Gaslighting the Public for Years

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CBS Host Stephen Colbert is among the many who aren’t exactly pleased with the January 6th videos that Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently released. But in his rant to supposedly prove Carlson in the wrong, he admitted that he himself is no angel. In fact, he even admitted that he’d been knowingly deceiving the American public for some time.

Now, if you know much about Colbert, you’ve likely gotten the impression that he’s better than everyone else, or at least that he thinks he’s better. Hell, he’s even referred to himself as somewhat of an intellectual genius.

But apparently, he’s not so smart as to avoid incriminating himself for the very thing he’s trying to accuse others of.

It all happened on Wednesday night when he brought up Tucker Carlson’s recent video releases. The videos, if you haven’t seen them, show a decidedly different story than the one the political left and, therefore, the House Select Committee has tried to narrate these past years.

Naturally, those like Colbert, who are paid to make his audience feel ok and secure about those political leftist lies, aren’t keen on their narrative even remotely being shown as false or problematic.

And so he has a major problem with someone like Tucker, who continues to try and show truth over political agendas.

According to Colbert, Tucker is “gaslighting” Americans by showing them these videos and trying to convince them that what the left says is fact might not be. Of course, he tried to bring former President Donald Trump down with Tucker, as if either was possible.

He said, “Thanks in large part to the former president, there’s a whole industry of people who make a good living trying to make you think you’re insane.” But then admitted, “Well, I make a very good living reminding you that you’re not.”

Essentially, he owns up to the fact that he’s paid (and quite handsomely) to advocate for leftist ideals and policies during his late-night TV show. By the way, this is also known as psychological manipulation, which is the literal definition of gaslighting – you know, the very same thing he just accused Tucker Carlson of.

Not so smart, after all, is he?

And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he continued his rant, as most liberals do, adding in a few choice words and vulgar ideas, as if that is somehow supposed to make it better or funny in some way. Instead, however, he’s just showing his hand even more.

It’s no wonder that day after day and week after week, ratings show that Fox and Tucker Carlson, not CBS’s Colbert, are what Americans prefer.