City of Newark Signs Trade Deal & Holds Sister City Ceremony with Hindu Nation That’s Actually Not Real

Denis Moskvinov /
Denis Moskvinov /

The City of Newark, NJ had a wonderful ceremony recently. They signed a bilateral trade agreement and a sister city agreement with dignitaries from a country that literally doesn’t exist. This is so great!

Naturally, the mayor and the city council are all Democrats. Elected politicians are supposed to be some of the best and brightest in the land, aren’t they? Well, Newark is in trouble. Not one person in the city government could be bothered to do a Google search to find out this fictitious nation doesn’t exist.

In addition, Newark’s leaders are so unimpressive that this didn’t even make them scratch their heads. The fake country that the mayor signed an agreement with is called the United States of KAILASA, and you’re supposed to capitalize KAILASA out of respect or something. KAILASA has its own amazing .gov website, which you can see HERE. It claims to have a population of 100 million people, which would make it the 15th largest country in the world. It has its own flag on the website, along with a national anthem and a constitution.

You’d think that someone on the Newark city council would have been bright enough to think, “Gee, how come I’ve never heard of this country before since it’s one of the most populous places in the world?” But no! That never happened. They just obliviously welcomed a bunch of “dignitaries” from a country that doesn’t even exist and signed a trade agreement with them!

It turns out that KAILASA is the invention of a cult leader named Swami Nithyananda, a 45-year-old con man who has declared himself to be a god-man (with a lower-case ‘g’). He also just so happens to be a wanted fugitive who has been accused of child rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping. The authorities believe that Swami Nithyananda the god-man escaped to a private island near Trinidad and Tobago back in 2019 when he fled from India.

Swami Nithyananda has declared himself to be a Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism whose goal is to give a “superconscious breakthrough to humanity, which is physically demonstrable through various power demonstrations.”

Well, at least there’s some science behind his claims. Nithyananda has a poll running on his official Twitter account right now asking whether you’d like his teachings in your child’s science textbooks at school, because of course he does!

And just when you thought this story couldn’t possibly get any funnier, Nithyananda says on his Twitter page that one of his main goals is to fight against “Hinduphobia” in the media. No wonder Democrat mayors and city council members are rolling out the red carpet for Nithyananda’s team. He’s speaking their language!

Meanwhile, Nithyananda urges the media to not fall for the disinformation and lies out there about him being a god-man and, you know, those silly rape claims. He’s just a regular dude who claims to have his own country with its own flag and national anthem and constitution and even fake passports that are not recognized by any national body. (Well, the City of Newark probably recognizes his passports!)

Not to give Newark all the credit, but Nithyananda has sent his “ambassadors” (who appear to be his polygamous cult wives) to multiple countries to try to get them to sign agreements with the fake United States of KAILASA. So far, KAILASA has also signed a sister city agreement with a town in Uganda, and its “ambassadors” have duped other nations’ ambassadors into meeting with them. That includes the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Mexico, and even the United Nations!

This is so great! Check out Nithyananda’s Twitter account for yourself HERE. We can’t wait to see which world leaders will meet with the “ambassadors” from this fake country next! Hopefully, Nithyananda’s representatives have reached out to some of the Democrats vying for president in 2024, because that would just be too awesome!