Why Don’t Democrats Want the National Emergency to End?

Melinda Nagy / shutterstock.com
Melinda Nagy / shutterstock.com

After three long years under a state of national emergency allegedly declared to control COVID, the fun is over. The Senate voted on Wednesday, March 29 to end the emergency and President Biden claims that, while he is against ending the measure, he will not veto the legislation.

Democrats who are inexplicably seeking to keep the emergency declaration in place are feeling the sting of betrayal as their leader turns his back on their obvious agenda.

For Democrats, it was never about COVID. Kamala Harris famously opposed the use of any vaccine that emerged during the Trump administration. Meanwhile, in New York, Governor Cuomo raised concerns over the “politicization” of the vaccine and stated that New Yorkers shouldn’t take it without further review if it was released under Trump’s watch. Nancy Pelosi would have happily watched people die if the vaccine meant a Trump victory.

Obviously, Operation Warp-Speed was instrumental in getting the COVID vaccine across the finish line, but equally obvious was the left’s concern that “Trump might get credit” for the vaccine. Politics played a role in many deaths in order to secure a Biden score.

Three years later, and facts are piling on top of facts. The vaccine, as Fauci first stated before his change of stance, was not helpful in keeping the virus at bay. Masks were, again as Fauci claimed in the beginning, ineffective. The vaccine’s lack of proper vetting prior to its being unleashed on the public has put it at the center of many health concerns. And it’s been proven again and again that deaths from COVID alone were wildly overstated for the purpose of hospital funding and, most likely, to keep the emergency declaration in place.

These facts coming to light make the decision to end the COVID national emergency an easy one for those with common sense. Democrats, never ones to be accused of having common sense, see the end of the emergency as the end of their free rein.

Declaring a National Emergency gave the Democrats nearly unlimited power to destroy the economy. It allowed them to control worship, businesses, and individuals. It permitted states to change voting laws on a whim. And it forced unwilling Americans to take an untested vaccine to remain employed, travel, go to entertainment venues, or attend school. It allowed them to destroy small businesses, and it forced landlords into bankruptcy by mandating that tenants didn’t need to pay rent.

Throughout it all, Democrats had an unlimited opportunity to do what they do best-spend other people’s money. They extended unemployment benefits that far outweighed those of being employed to keep Americans reliant on them. They hurt landlords by crippling their ability to collect rent. They ran small businesses into the ground while offering them bailouts, and they finagled ways to erase student debt at the taxpayers’ expense.

Democrats claimed victory after a series of small, inconsequential checks miraculously “lifted people out of poverty” when the checks could not cover a month’s mortgage for most struggling Americans.

While the national emergency allowed Democrats to spend other people’s money, it also gave them the opportunity to line their own wallets. Unholy alliances between government officials and pharmaceutical companies kept many affordable and effective COVID treatments out of reach of Americans, at the cost of millions of lives.

Kickbacks, investments, and outright bribes are the fuel of the COVID national emergency. While the declaration was in place, Democrats could continue to grow their wealth by demanding boosters on top of boosters, each one a financial gain to those involved. Those who opposed the vaccine and mask mandates were shut down in a coordinated censorship campaign launched during the alleged national emergency to battle “disinformation.”

Democrats are unwilling to give up the power to take down churches and small businesses, dictate whimsical and unrealistic demands such as universal masking and social distancing, or control the educational system. Never ones to waste a good tragedy, Democrats fulfilled their main purpose during the COVID emergency declaration. They sewed chaos, financial ruin, and division in every aspect of American life.

Biden’s refusal to veto legislation to end this national emergency is a betrayal to the party that used it so effectively for three years.

Instead of wondering why Democrats would be against ending the national emergency, however, a deeper question might be why Biden is going along with the decision to let it go. The Democrats could have played this out for years without meaningful resistance.

With this administration’s track record, an even bigger power play may be on the horizon, and if so, it will hurt Americans far more than COVID ever could.