Biden Doesn’t Know Where His Office Is…

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

You’d expect the leader of the free world to know a whole hell of a lot, right? Well, it seems Joe Biden does not. Or at least he doesn’t know where his own office is.

This acknowledgment came on Wednesday as he gave a speech at Ulster University in Northern Ireland. He was describing where his office is located and seemed to insinuate that it was at the “United States Capitol.”

He said, “As you walk into my office in the Oval Office in the United States Capitol….”

Naturally, this statement has led more than a few to believe he was trying to say that his office was at Capitol Hill rather than the White House.

And as The First noted on a Twitter post if our commander-in-chief thinks we have a “national emergency” on our hands.

Now, there is a bit of controversy here.

Seeing as how the only real difference between the “capitol” and the “capital” is either an “a” or an “o,” it’s quite possible that Biden meant the latter, referring to the city of Washington DC, which is where his office in the White House is located. Additionally, people get these two words mixed up all the time.

It could be that the person writing the transcript merely typed the wrong word in this instance.

Plus, Biden does mention “the White House,” in particular, just seconds later.

So, in this case, at least, it seems we can give Biden the benefit of the doubt and assume he knows what he’s saying and where his office is.

However, that doesn’t mean we should just ignore what people are saying about their immediate thoughts that he may not know where his office is.

I mean, this is a man who has made so many gaffes in the past few years that we shouldn’t really expect anything less from him. And while some have been much more minor things like mispronouncing a word or momentarily saying the wrong name of an individual, others have been much more glaring, such as when he said, “You ain’t black” unless you knew you were going to vote for him.

Instances like the latter speak of a rather serious issue, a mindset, or the complete lack of a filter, whichever you think fits best. And neither is a good look for the man leading our nation.

Whether he meant “capital” or “capitol” is nearly irrelevant. Instead, what matters is how the people view him, and if our own citizens think his mind is frail, what do our enemies see?