Sen. Mullin Tells AOC Exactly How Horrible Her Platform Is for Americans

lev radin /
lev radin /

Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) is not a fan of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her liberal politics. As someone who doesn’t call the armpit of NY his home, he doesn’t see the usefulness or sense in their agenda, so when President Biden nominated Julie Su to head up the Department of Labor back in Mach, he gave her a solid grilling in a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing.

AOC didn’t like seeing her fellow ‘political agenda over the people’ pushing Democrats to get their business drug out in front of the American people. Via Twitter, she called out Sen. Mullin as she attempted to correct him on the job title, as he had been targeting her anti-worker policies.

He clarified what he was doing in a statement to Fox News on April 25th. “The secretary of Labor’s role is to enforce laws without bias, not to be a crusader against job creators on behalf of politically connected labor unions like those supporting Julie Su and Democrat politicians.”

He went on to explain that with how separated the far-left has become from the working class; they simply don’t have their finger on the pulse of America and what the average employee needs these days. Instead, they want to install someone who hates business and workers and wants a personal agenda to rule, not the way laws are written, which is why they chose Su.

“Everyone in America knows that labor has two sides and jobs simply do not exist without entrepreneurs taking the risk to start a business. What’s ironic about Democrats’ perspective is that employers are employees, and everyone in a good company rows in the same direction. While Leftists attack small business owners through a narrow lens, conservative Republicans are bringing together employer and employee perspectives to vet nominees and actually solve problems.”

Su’s previous experience at the head of California’s Board of Labor is what got her resume into the pile for the position. Yet her changes and reinterpretation of the law over there made for an incredibly restricted labor market for free Americans while also simultaneously paving a brick road for illegals to waltz into employment.

This shift in labor goes hand-in-hand with her decision to shove Critical Race Theory (CRT) down the throats of employers across the land. In her mind, the white man needs to bend over to hand over every opportunity to minority groups they can possibly find. This mindset makes having fair, transparent, and equal employment policies impossible.

Instead, with the use of CRT, bonus points are given to people simply for being born a minority and not Caucasian and male. This kind of boost only works in reverse discrimination, with minorities being given a strong advantage instead of the level playing field its supporters believe it grants.

AOC absolutely loves and supports the concept of applying CRT to every aspect of daily life and employment. She believes that its use is the only way to get America into a way of running that does the most for the American people. Yet all it does is signal that nothing can be done to help people build a successful business or way of life without the government coming along to wipe their noses and change their nappie.

With Sen. Mullin keeping AOC at bay and SU from being able to take over the position, there is a long way to go before we can get the right person running the DOL. This isn’t a quickly filled or simply ran position for anyone to take on. If President Biden only keeps serving up horrible recommendations and people who want to shove the ‘politics over people’ agenda down our throats, we as a nation are doomed. There is only so much Sen Mullins and others like him can do to keep the barbarians at the gate.