What It Looks Like to Go TOO FAR for the Votes

graja / shutterstock.com
graja / shutterstock.com

Anyone who has ever been in a political race knows that they have to work hard to get the votes. However, some people lose sight of who they are. And one male Republican has lost all sight of who he is to the point that he and his family are receiving threats of violence.

Ryan Webb (R) is a Delaware County Councilman. The straight white male took to Facebook and announced: “After much consideration, I have decided to come out and finally feel comfortable announcing my true authentic self. It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a woman…”

That alone would be quite a shock. However, he decided to add to it. He announced that he was identifying as a woman of color. Another post gave further consideration and he called himself gay/lesbian since he’s attracted to women.

Let’s not get too confused. Webb is not actually choosing to identify as a woman. Instead, this is a ploy to get votes. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s insulting countless people along the way.

Still, Webb didn’t know when to stop, so he chose to praise his diversity: “I’m excited to bring some diversity to the City Council. Until today, we didn’t have any females of color or LGBTQIAPC+++ on the council. I’m glad that we do now.”

It’s disrespectful, and he’s been called out repeatedly since he made the posts.

As one biological male known as Charlize pointed out, “In an effort to make fun of transgender/nonbinary individuals, Ryan Webb ‘came out’ on social media as a ‘lesbian woman of color.’ Since his initial post, he has doubled down repeatedly on his ‘status.’ He has a history of making transphobic comments, so it was very easy to see through his bigotry.”

If Webb thought that this was going to win him some extra votes, he has sadly miscalculated. Perhaps if he was actually going to identify as a woman, it would have gotten him more recognition.

Instead, he and his family are dealing with threats because the man (and yes, he still wants to have the he/him pronouns used) didn’t know how to let a joke go.