OPED: Latest Mass Stabbing in France Proves Being Masculine Is a Good Thing and Necessary for Survival

KlingSup / shutterstock.com
KlingSup / shutterstock.com

Watching the mass influx of immigrants into Europe is very similar to what is happening on our southern border. Much the same, the ability to accurately investigate the backgrounds of the people coming into their countries is incredibly limited. Many of these people are from war-torn countries, so the ability for terrorists to be embedded is incredibly high.

Now footage has emerged that confirms that they are there. As a Syrian refugee makes his way through a playground in France, he used a pocketknife to attack women and children. In his wake, he left behind four severely injured children under three and two senior-aged adults. One of the youngsters was stabbed as he lay in a stroller.

More appalling than the wimp factor of his attack was the cowardice displayed by the French men who stood around and watched, hid, or simply ran away. The lone “hero” is a 24-year-old simply called “Henri” who swung a backpack at the attacker and lobbed it at him. The attacker was able to walk off, so it took the police hours to apprehend this knife-wielding slasher. Henri claimed that when he saw the man going after kids, his mind was silent and he became animalistic. He did what was needed.


If that man had done what was needed, he would have had some battle scars to prove it, or at the least, the attacker would have been stopped in his tracks enough to be detained.

This needs to serve as a wake-up call to men in France and here in the US as well. The years of allowing us to become the softer, lazier, and more effeminate kind of men that the leftist-controlled mainstream media wants us to be are detrimental. Look at great civilizations over the history of the world. The embracing of the idea that men should be weak-minded and more feminine has historically been a precursor to the collapse of a dynasty.

While Europe has been able to survive these kinds of collapses, other nations pounced on them quickly at their weakest. With President Biden and his weakened national agenda, we are heading back to the times when rough men who wish to harm started taking over.

For decades, the US has been the country that stood up for those too weak to defend themselves, no matter where the fight took place. From the jungles of Panama to the vineyards of France and into the deserts of the middle east, we have responded to the call. Now we are looking at our turn of being the ones to pick up the phone and ask for a hero.

Playing the victim card isn’t what this country is about, nor is it the way of life the American people should be embracing. Instead, we should be getting ourselves ready for battle. Times like these are the precursors to the generational conflict, and with many claiming that war with China is all but assured by 2025, we need to start getting ready to take up arms. To gain proficiency with steel just as we have with the mind.

For decades, battle philosophers have warned us that it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. Plays, books, and movies have all supported that ethos and it has proven true time and time again. Yet we as a people refuse to do the hard right. We instead take the easy way out and expect others to pick up the slack. Now we are setting the stage for our demise by doing so.

Stabbings as they had in France support the idea of the Second Amendment and having the right to carry and be prepared for evil men like this slasher. However, that’s not enough. Guns jam, primers fail to ignite, and sometimes you just can’t get a shot off in the situation. This is where training on what to do and being physically fit will ensure your survival.

Are you going to put in the work when it’s ok to make a mistake, or are you going to count on adrenaline to guide you through something you are unprepared for?