California Plans to Take Your Kids Away if You Don’t Affirm Them as Transgender

Venture Out Media /
Venture Out Media /

The Democrat supermajority in the California legislature continues to find new and insulting ways to treat parents. Under a new bill now being considered, the courts will be able to take your kids away if you do not enthusiastically begin medically mutilating them after the public schools brainwash them into a state of confusion.

AB 957 was co-sponsored by Assembly Member Lori Wilson and state Sen. Scott Wiener, both of whom are rabid leftists. The State of California has standards of care that it sets for parents in order to avoid child abuse or neglect, like all other states. It’s pretty basic stuff. Give your kids food and water, don’t beat them with a tire iron, and so on. But that’s not good enough for the Democrat Party.

Under AB 957, “affirming” the genital mutilation of your own children would be added to the state’s standard of care for parental responsibility and child welfare. In other words, if your kindergartner comes home from school one day claiming to be transgender because the sicko in the classroom was teaching gender weirdness instead of fingerpainting, you’d better chop your little boy’s penis off right away.

If you don’t mutilate your own child or have them placed on experimental, off-label puberty blockers immediately, the California courts can now take the child away. And don’t worry—the State of California will gladly mutilate your child’s genitals for you once they’re being abused in the foster care system.

The bill will no doubt pass, and Governor Gavin Newsom will eagerly sign it into law. After all, California made it legal to commit anal rape against underage teens earlier this year. So long as you’re a gay person, you won’t get put on the sex offender registry for anally raping a young teen.

The good news is that this can’t last. Eventually, American parents will be so fed up with this insanity that they will elect a true monster to clean the place up.