Florida Executes Transgender Rapist-Murderer — Liberals Upset

View Apart / shutterstock.com
View Apart / shutterstock.com

Liberals everywhere have the “sads” today after the State of Florida executed a notorious transgender murderer and rapist named Duane Owen. (Happy Pride Month, by the way!) Normal people look at the execution of Owen as a thing to celebrate because justice has finally been served. Duane Owen is now burning in hell, and his dead body will soon be pushing up daisies. The libs are upset, however, because the State of Florida refused to give Duane Owen a taxpayer-funded sex change operation before they killed him.

Duane Owen was sentenced to death back in 1984. He spent 39 years in prison before Florida got around to executing him, which is one of the biggest flaws in states that have the death penalty. Why does it take so long? Just take him out behind the woodshed like Old Yeller and get it done. Good grief! So, this is probably a Ron DeSantis campaign stunt of some sort, but it’s still a happy day everywhere for people who are not fans of transgender rapist-murderers.

Owen was convicted of attacking four women in Florida in 1984 and killing two of them. His first victim was a 14-year-old girl named Karen Slattery. He stabbed her 18 times and then raped her corpse in a home in Delray Beach where she was babysitting two younger children.

Two months later, a 38-year-old mother named Georgianna Worden was asleep in her home when Owen crept into her bedroom and hit her in the head with a hammer. He then raped her and beat her to death. One of her children discovered her dead body on the floor the next morning.

The other two women that he attacked were in Palm Beach County, but they both survived. Owen was sentenced to death for the heinous murders, as well as six life sentences. He was the longest-serving Florida inmate on death row. Governor DeSantis finally got around to signing Owen’s death warrant right before he announced that he was running for president.

Duane Owen’s lawyers had argued the case all the way to the Supreme Court, trying to get the death sentence suspended on the grounds of insanity. The Supreme Court rejected that appeal last Wednesday.

The attorneys had tried to claim that Owen was schizophrenic and that he had delusions. They also claimed he has dementia. Psychiatrists who examined Owen said none of that was true. He was simply an unrepentant sexual sadist.

No one was harder hit by the righteous execution of Duane Owen than the ACLU. Here’s what the leftwing civil rights organization had to say about Owen’s death:

“The state of Florida never provided medically necessary gender-affirming care to Duane Owen — causing her enormous suffering and violating her right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment for the more than 30 years she was in state custody.”

Um—that’s one way to look at it, we suppose.

They’re upset because the Florida prison system didn’t force the taxpayers to pay for Duane Owen’s sex change operation. It was “cruel and unusual punishment” to not perform gender reassignment surgery on a guy who raped the corpse of a teenage girl.

It really makes you wonder where we’ve gone wrong as a society when people think like these ACLU lawyers. The priority was no longer Duane Owen’s “rights” when he murdered multiple victims. Duane Owen now has the right to remain silent forever, and that’s it. We don’t know yet if the ACLU is going to be filing a lawsuit against Florida over not giving this transgender rapist-murderer a sex change. But would anyone be surprised at this point if that happened?