Green Energy Groups Want the Democrats To Hide From Electric Vehicles As We Head for the 2024 Elections

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Ever since he announced his campaign for President, Joe Biden has had a one-track mind toward making electric vehicles (EV) a priority for the American people. Despite evidence to the contrary, and even Elon Musk being against the idea of the nation becoming reliant on EVs, nothing has stopped the left from trying to make it the cure for all the nation’s problems.

With the 2024 presidential elections getting started, a group called “Centrist Democrats of America” hired a writer for Real Clean Energy named Stefan Hankin to help them get the point of view of the people across the nation concerning EVs for more Americans. To put a thumb on the pulse of the politically neutral Americans, so to speak. Given the number of people who aren’t registered for either of the two main parties, this information carries a lot of weight.

Aa Hankin discovered, no policy to push people towards EVs is exactly a good idea for them. An idea to punish fossil fuel vehicle owners and purchasers has been floated, and it has done remarkably poorly in early testing. The American people don’t want to be punished for not being able to trust the idea of EVs or even afford them if they did. Punishing people for being poor or not going along with energy announcements is how the US is already in the predicament it is in when it comes to diesel vehicles.

Even with Biden’s boneheaded bills, the Infrastructure Legislation, and the Inflation Reduction Act, the movement to make a national EV charging network just isn’t working for Americans the way liberals wish it would. People see the fires and explosions from EVs on the news. They see the reports of network problems disabling vehicles. Stories of repairs that would take two days on a fossil fuel-powered vehicle taking months on an EV.

As Biden and the other left have ignored, some people are coming around to their push for EVs, only to discover that the cost of charging them at home is too high for the slow charge that is provided. The extra 15 minutes every few hours to get to 80% is horrific when making a long-distance trip, especially when time is a factor. With adverse weather, electrical outages, and political unrest all concerns, an electric vehicle poses as nothing more than an invitation for government overreach.

GM has already served as a prime example of that with OnStar. Through their GPS monitoring, they advertise themselves as one of the safest and most recovered vehicles. Unfortunately, those recoveries come with a cost. Not to mention putting the reliability and recovery of a vehicle over the personal data security of the consumer is a horrific sacrifice. One that, after multiple reports of GMs being disabled on a security concern, forced OnStar to do a massive change to the system and PR campaign to keep it under wraps.

At the start of the pandemic, we also heard reports of vehicles being disabled to prevent people from being out when their government told them to stay home. This again served as a reminder that the federal government will cease control when its agenda is threatened. EVs are like giving the government a copy of your key and telling them to help themselves.

From Hankin’s survey, an overwhelming majority of Democrats (both pro and anti-EVs) staunchly oppose penalizing fossil fuel operators. While not surprising, it only serves to confirm the thought that EVs not only aren’t for everyone, but even their fans know that they represent a small fringe group of the US vehicle market.

Not to mention there are concerns about rural and extreme weather climates. While Rivian and others have been spotted and demonstrated in cold weather havens Alaska and Montana, as well as hotbeds like the deserts of California and Arizona, they don’t live up to their performance in these conditions. As a user, there is little you can do to fix this problem. A fossil fuel vehicle, though, has adjustability, and that is what will keep them as the superior way of transportation. Now if the left will only take notice.