They’re Calling it ‘Riots,’ But France Sure Looks Like a Civil War Right Now

Alexandros Michailidis /
Alexandros Michailidis /

We hate to say, “We told you so,” but some of us on the nationalist right have been warning about what’s happening in France and other European countries right now for more than 20 years. Decades of allowing alien cultures to invade Europe have resulted in the inevitable outcome that always happens. The invading horde is burning France to the ground, and it sure looks a lot like a civil war because there are two obvious competing sides trying to gain control of the country.

Last week, the conflict started when the police “murdered” an “unarmed 17-year-old.” That’s what the media is claiming as they try to drum this up into another summer of George Floyd, only in France. It is similar to the George Floyd situation in that the cops killed a criminal, and now the whole thing is based on a pack of lies.

The “unarmed” 17-year-old has a lengthy rap sheet, and he was trying to run the cops over with his vehicle during a traffic stop, which is known as attempted murder and using deadly force in most countries. His mom was recording on her phone when the cops lit the teenage jihadi up and killed him. She posted the video to social media and demanded a revolution, and all the Muslims in France basically said, “Why not? It’s what we invaded France for in the first place!”

Almost 10% of France’s population now consists of African and Middle Eastern Muslims. They outnumber the country’s police and military. Cities all across France with sizeable Muslim populations are burning.

The stupid electric and electric-hybrid buses are a favorite target of the Muslims. If you set one of those puppies on fire, it’s next to impossible to put the blaze out without sophisticated tools. When first responders are dealing with the bus fires, the Muslims run to the nearest shopping mall or public school and burn it to the ground.

No one has totaled up the exact number of schools, libraries, police stations and other buildings that they’ve destroyed yet, because it’s still too dangerous for French people to leave their homes. The Muslims are stealing police armored vehicles and automatic rifles. They’re pulling white people out of their cars and lynching them. Initially, the police just ran away on their gay little Pride scooters as this stuff was happening.

French President Emmanuel Macron is likely the worst possible leader in all of Western civilization. Oh, wait. We forgot about Joe and Kamala.

French President Emmanuel Macron is like the third worst possible leader in all of Western Civilization. He took his ugly granny wife to an Elton John concert the other night as his country was being burned to the ground by foreigners.

The police chief in one city stated that they were “at war” with “savage hordes of vermin.” That sounds about right. After the civil war had gone on for several nights without Macron sending in the military, the country’s two largest police unions threatened to stage a right-wing police coup against him.

They issued a public statement saying, “Today, the police are in combat because we are at war. Tomorrow we will enter resistance and the government should be aware of this.”

Macron has finally started deploying the military, but only after 5,600 vehicles were destroyed and more than 1,000 buildings were burned to the ground. Buildings that survived Nazi bombing runs in World War II have not survived the benefits of cultural enrichment and mass immigration from an alien culture. These are not silly BLM riots where everyone will get tired after they steal some televisions and shoes from Target. The Muslims are serious about conquering Europe.