Electric Cars Are the Bud Light of Automobiles

husjur02 / shutterstock.com
husjur02 / shutterstock.com

In a hilarious new development, the Biden regime’s attempts to force everyone into an electric car are failing spectacularly. Despite abundant federal incentives to lure auto companies into making EVs, consumers don’t want them.

The cars are piling up unsold on dealer lots across the country.

Luxury brands of EVs are especially difficult to dupe people into buying, despite Team Biden’s offer of big tax incentives to consumers to purchase them. Electric cars, it seems, have turned into the Bud Light of automobiles.

There are multiple reasons why nobody wants to buy these toys for rich people. While many consumers are sort of interested in electric cars, they’re wildly expensive to purchase and operate compared to gas- or diesel-powered vehicles. Even since Joe Biden strangled President Trump’s American energy renaissance, it costs more to charge up an electric car than it does to fuel up a gas-guzzling SUV at $5 a gallon.

For anyone who wants to travel out of state, an electric car remains a logistical nightmare that is incredibly impractical. Full-electric vehicles will still only average 250 miles before having to stop for a full recharge.

It can take up to 12 hours to recharge an electric vehicle. Driving a gas-powered vehicle, you can easily do 600 to 800 miles a day with stops lasting only minutes. Traveling long distances is just not viable in these EV toys.

There’s also the fact that most people realize by now that manufacturing an electric vehicle contributes to the global child trafficking trade.

The rare earth minerals required to make an electric car battery are sourced from open pit mines in the Congo and other African countries, where child trafficking and child slave labor are rampant. (Someone should make a blockbuster summer movie about that subject!)

Purchasing an electric vehicle is a morally repugnant act because of this fact and is akin to the slavery that Thomas Jefferson first referred to as a “crime against humanity.”

Only a person who has a severe mental illness about the weather would be willing to contribute to child trafficking in order to own one of these absurdly impractical rich people’s toys. Lookin’ at YOU, John Kerry!

In other words, the supply of EVs has grown by roughly 350% in the past few months, while the demand for EVs has only gone down. Anyone who wants a dopey electric car by now has already been given two vaccines and two boosters and then duped into buying an electric car because of their reduced intelligence.

The 350% increase in EVs this year amounts to 92,000 extra cars suddenly sitting there gathering dust on the car dealerships’ lots. That amounts to a 92-day supply on the market, assuming that 1,000 Americans buy an EV that is not a Tesla every day. (Tesla is a different discussion from this.)

At the same time, there is only a 54-day supply of gasoline vehicles left on dealership lots across the country. Normally, there’s about a 70-day supply of gas vehicles available. The stupid electric cars that no one wants are gathering dust as they sit there unpurchased on the lots.

Bud Light is now in the worst death spiral of any corporate brand in American history—possibly in world history. Major retailers like Costco are now marking unsold cases of Bud Light with the so-called “Mark of Death,” which is simply an asterisk.

The asterisk signifies that once those cases of Bud Light are sold, no more new supplies will be ordered because the brand is so toxic after the transgender debacle earlier this year.

Hopefully, electric cars will be receiving the “Mark of Death” on dealership lots very soon as well.