Voting in RFK Jr Means Cheryl Hines, Actress, as First Lady

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is currently running for president. He’s a Democratic candidate who is actually trying to take Joe Biden out of office. It’s a good thing, too. We can’t even fathom the possibility of Biden in office for another four years.

There’s an interesting dynamic that comes with RFK Jr potentially entering the White House. He’d bring actress and comedian Cheryl Hines with him. She’d be the First Lady, as they’ve been married since 2014.

Hines would arguably be the most famous person to live in the White House. Sure, Reagan was a movie star before he was the president, but Hines has quite the bio.

Hines is probably most known for her  role on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” If you haven’t seen it, here’s a clip:

If you know anything about Hines, you know that she’s funny. So, it would be reasonable to believe that RFK Jr has a sense of humor, too. Don’t we need a bit more of that in the White House?

The only reason there’s laughter right now is because we’re all laughing at Biden’s ineptitude. The American people deserve better than that.

According to Newsweek, current polls put Kennedy at around 15 percent of current Democratic voters. That means that he’s scoring higher among Democrats than DeSantis is with Republicans.

Kennedy is considered a “fringe” figure since he’s not a politician. However, none of the Democratic politicians dare to challenge Biden. Sure, many had hoped that characters like Gavin Newsom or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would come forward, but they’re going to let the old man have his second term if that’s what Biden actually wants.

To be sure, we don’t really want any of them in office. What we need is to make sure that we have a strong Republican candidate who can take out any Democrat that may make it onto the ballot in the general election.

But admit it. If we HAD to have a Democrat in office, Kennedy wouldn’t be the worst choice. He’s a moderate Democrat who even hates the COVID vaccine mandates. And if he’s going to add some entertainment with Cheryl Hines as First Lady, it would be interesting.

It would also cause the Obamas to be green with envy. If Barack and Michelle thought they had star power, just think what Robert and Cheryl can bring!