Dems Won’t Support Stopping Fentanyl Unless GOP Caves on Amnesty

harald pizzinini /
harald pizzinini /

As far as the modern Democrat Party is concerned, your sons and daughters deserve to die from fentanyl poisoning if you don’t support amnesty for illegal aliens. During a July 19 hearing on the damage that cartel drugs are causing in America, Democrats announced that they have a solution. If America wants fewer drug ODs, we should accept tons more illegal alien welfare leeches into the country to compete for increasingly scarce jobs, housing, health care, and social services.

Out of the 100,000 Americans who died from drug overdoses in 2022, about 70,000 of those were fentanyl poisonings. Rather than simply smuggling drugs, the cartels are also using the open southern border to expand human trafficking operations into the US. Once they smuggle illegal aliens into the US, the cartels then extract “taxes” from them as the illegals take American jobs. The “taxes” are to pay for smuggling them into the US. It’s truly an ingenious way to siphon more wealth out of America. The taxpayers are forced to pay all the welfare costs of supporting the illegals, and the cartels benefit by sucking even more money out of the US economy.

The Democrats are completely ignoring the human trafficking, drug smuggling and cartel violence that now plagues both sides of the border. Instead, they just want amnesty all the time, coupled with ever-expanding numbers of illegal aliens being brought in. The main witness that the Democrats called for the hearing on fentanyl suggested mass immigration and amnesty as a way to somehow slow the flood of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids into the US.

The Biden regime has also worked out a secret deal with the Mexican government that is the exact opposite of President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. The Mexican government is regulating the number of illegals flowing into the United States so long as Joe Biden accepts more Mexican illegal aliens, as opposed to Haitians or South Koreans or whatever.

While Republicans pushed back against the Democrats’ non-stop pleas for amnesty and ever-increasing numbers of illegals, the GOP Members did not call for trade sanctions against Mexico, which is one of the only tactics that work without a fully built wall. The GOP members are following the wishes of their donors, who want the cheap labor, cheap maids and nannies, and cheap gardeners that result from open borders.

One of the GOP witnesses was Jessica Vaughn, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies. She told the committee, “I cannot imagine a more inhumane policy than one that entices vulnerable migrants to turn over their life savings, families, or their kids, to criminal smuggling organizations because they believe that they will be allowed to stay in this country and [so] end up in debt bondage and other horrific situations.”

Instead of actually addressing anything that Vaughn said, the Democrats circled the wagons around Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has refused to take any actions to secure the southern border since his appointment. Many Republicans are calling for Mayorkas to be impeached, and he certainly deserves it. That wasn’t even the point of the hearing, however. The point was to explore the very real harm that the drug cartels, the illegal aliens, the fentanyl, and the open border are doing to the American people. America suffered 58,220 deaths in the Vietnam War. Shouldn’t 70,000 deaths every year from fentanyl be a cause to pay attention to and to try to solve?

The Democrats are not about solutions in this case, though. They’ll only consider measures to stop fentanyl if America just accepts that we need to be turned into a Third World country through mass migration.