Ireland Plots to Murder 200,000 Cows to Prevent a 1-Degree Temperature Change

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It should be perfectly clear to everyone by now that if you follow the dictates of a global warming nutter, you have something wrong with you. The government of the Netherlands just collapsed, and everyone in power resigned earlier this month because of public outrage over global warming craziness. Now the government of Ireland is trying to go down the same road. They’re planning to slaughter 200,000 dairy cattle in the country, to try to prevent the temperature from rising 1 degree.

Killing 200,000 cattle is not a small thing for a tiny country like Ireland. That’s 10% of all the cows in the country. What does that mean for the food supply for working families and the poor? Nothing good. If the supply of milk, cheese, and dairy products is restricted by these Bond movie villains at the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their weird climate cult’s religious dictates, then it hurts working families and the poor the most. Not to mention the fact that culling 200,000 dairy cows in Ireland will mean the loss of about 55,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The farmers in Ireland, fortunately, are waging mass protests against the plan. Even Elon Musk, who is a card-carrying global warming cult member himself, is pointing out that this is a stupid idea.

All of these countries that are trying to slaughter huge numbers of livestock are following the religious sacraments of the WEF. Joe Biden’s stupid 2020 campaign slogan—Build Back Better—is literally the name of the WEF’s plan to slaughter huge numbers of human beings to try to save the weather. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) didn’t write the “Green New Deal” legislation that she proposed during her first year in office. It was literally written by the WEF.

That’s why the “European Green Deal” that was adopted by the EU (without anyone voting on it) is being implemented in every country in Europe right now. The Netherlands tried it, and the result was massive protests and government collapse. Ireland’s fake, unelected leaders are now trying to go down the same path.

Just as a reminder, Joe Biden’s climate czar John “Lurch” Kerry, wants to eliminate 30% of small farms in America to try to prevent a 1-degree temperature increase at some point more than 100 years from now.

Here’s a serious question since it’s July, and it’s hot outside right now. If global temperatures increased by 1 degree over the next two centuries, would you be able to survive? The climate retards don’t think so!

The thing that everyone needs to realize is that global warming cultists are actually religious zealots. They’re willing to kill you, your children, and your grandchildren for their religion. They are every bit as zealous about their global warming religion as the Islamist father who will kill his own daughter with a rock for showing “too much ankle” at the gas station. Killing in the name of their religion is baked into the cake.

What did these 200,000 cows in Ireland do anyway? Oh, right. They fart. Therefore, they have to be killed because they release so much methane into the air. Never mind the fact that the same people calling for the systematic murder of all these cows are the same jerks that just blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline in the greatest act of environmental terrorism in human history.

Guess who else farts? Ponder that question for a few seconds, and you’ll realize the ultimate goal of the WEF global warming zealots. Eventually, they’ll get around to admitting that they want to kill millions of bipedal carbon emitters, otherwise known as “people.”

Watch as comedian Jimmy Dore breaks down the latest global warming insanity in Ireland. Just a quick warning, Jimmy’s language is NSFW: