Jill Biden’s Ex Claims Biden “Crime Family” Has “Come After Me for 35 Years”

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

By now, you’ve heard all about the supposedly shady dealings of Democratic President Joe Biden and his crime family. And now, thanks to Jill Biden’s ex-husband, we now have a bit more proof.

Introducing Bill Stevenson, who was married to Dr. Jill for five years, from 1970 until 1975, when they divorced. Jill immediately began a relationship with Joe Biden, according to the New York Post. In fact, according to Stevenson, it was Jill and Joe’s affair that led to the end of their relationship.

Of course, cheating on a spouse isn’t exactly a crime, although maybe it should be…

However, threatening someone with bodily harm or financial ruin for not giving up certain things in the divorce is.

And according to Stevenson, that’s exactly what the Biden family did to him.

He told Newsmax host Greg Kelly that it became pretty obvious fairly early on in his dealings with the Biden family that they were involved in all sorts of shady dealings and would use nearly whatever means necessary to get what they wanted.

And in 1975, that was for Jill to divorce Stevenson and for Stevenson to leave her the house.

If that didn’t happen, Stevenson said that Joe’s brother Frankie Biden (Francis), of the Biden crime family, comes up to me and he goes, ‘Give (Jill) the house, or you’re going to have serious problems.”

Two months later, Stevenson and his brother, who were in business together, were indicted for a rather sudden and peculiar tax charge of $8,200.

Kelly remarked, “You know, on the surface, it is crazy.”

Indeed, a then-sitting US senator, now president, would be up to his neck in such criminal behavior as threatening a soon-to-be ex like this.

And what’s more, Stevenson says that was not nearly the end of it. “They have literally come after me (for) 35 years in a row. One little thing after another.”

Stevenson says he’s tired of holding his tongue about the Biden family, particularly since they are now doing the same thing to Donald Trump, a president Stevenson respects and loves.

How much do you want to bet there’s more to this story yet?