Why Joe Biden Really Wants to Lock up 1.1 Million Acres Around the Grand Canyon

Wisanu Boonrawd / shutterstock.com
Wisanu Boonrawd / shutterstock.com

The Biden regime is considering a proposal to designate 1.1 million acres around the Grand Canyon as a “national monument.” Just look at Joe Biden go! He’s always trying to protect the weather from us awful human beings with some harebrained environmentalist wacko scheme! Although these are public lands, locking them up as a national monument will have a much more nefarious effect on the American people. It will effectively block the private sector from ever harvesting any more of the rich natural resources around the Grand Canyon.

If you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, it’s always the same with the Biden clown show. None of their policies are designed to make things better for Americans. Nothing that they’ve done has made ordinary Americans’ lives better or more prosperous. Every policy from this unelected regime is geared toward humiliating, degrading, embarrassing, and impoverishing us. It shouldn’t be a surprise by this point since it’s been happening for two-and-a-half years and because Joe Biden literally ran on an “I hate America” platform in 2020.

If you thought Joe Biden would make anything in America better, then your vote was probably misplaced in 2020. If you wanted your son to be able to experiment with tampons in the boys’ bathroom, then Joe Biden was definitely your guy.

Like most of Joe Biden’s policies, locking up 1.1 million acres around the Grand Canyon has nothing to do with protecting the weather or tribal lands, which are the excuses for this. It’s about protecting China’s economic future and crippling America’s economic future. It also has a lot to do with electric vehicles.

The demand for electric vehicles is unsustainable beyond the next 10 to 15 years. There simply aren’t enough rare earth metals on the planet to build enough electric car batteries, especially if they want to force everyone to drive these little rich people toys. Most batteries today rely on lithium, cobalt, and other heavy metals that China has a near-global monopoly on. Those are going to run out long before Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom will be able to rip your gas-guzzling Chevy Tahoe’s steering wheel from your cold, dead hands.

EV industry experts (not that we trust them a whole lot, but still) say that for the electric car market to be sustainable, uranium is eventually going to have to be part of the battery solution. There’s simply no other way. It’s more common than the other rare earth metals, but engineers haven’t quite figured out how to make a better battery from it yet. They say it’s coming in the next few years.

The good news is that America is sitting on vast reserves of uranium ore, just waiting for it to be pulled out of the ground. This might put us on near-equal footing with China when it comes to making electric vehicles once the battery solution is achieved.

The bad news? Most of those vast uranium reserves are in the 1.1 million acres surrounding the Grand Canyon, which the Biden regime wants to permanently lock up and protect from all mining. There’s always a catch with these people.

Don’t get us wrong. We like the Grand Canyon as much as anybody else. It’s beautiful. It’s America’s second-most popular national park. An average of 12 people plunge to their deaths there every year! (Um… yay?) But the Grand Canyon itself is already protected.

Joe Biden is trying to permanently lock up all that additional acreage because it will benefit Communist China and hurt America.