FactCheckers Destroy Claims of Hottest Summer in 10,000 Years and “Global Boiling”

KODAKovic / shutterstock.com
KODAKovic / shutterstock.com

In a startling revelation, scientists report that it gets hot in the summer months. According to Copernicus Climate Change Service, July blazed across the world at six-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit hotter than the previous high, recorded in 2019. 

In fact, according to climate change scientists, it’s been the hottest July ever in recorded history and the hottest in more than 120,000 years. And the world should be afraid. These warm summer temperatures indicate that Earth has surpassed global cooling, global warming, and mere climate change.  

The world has entered the era of “global boiling.” 

Since no Middle Paleolithic Neanderthal thermometers have been discovered, scientists used tree rings to prove their point. Trees are sensitive to changes in the climate, and tree rings provide information about climate patterns from the past. The science behind tree rings is that they grow thin in cold and dry conditions and wider when it’s warm. 

German climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf claims that the science of measuring tree rings clearly shows that July of 2023 was the warmest month since the Holocene Epoch, around ten thousand years ago. And, because there was an ice age prior to the Holocene Epoch, logic dictates that July was the hottest month in over 120,000 years. 

The “science” backing this extraordinary claim is questionable. The oldest tree known to science is the affectionately named Methuselah, a Great Britain pine growing in California and aged at just under 5000 years. 

Fact-checkers went into overdrive to discount the latest narrative currently driving the climate change hike. But these weren’t your typical “guy living in mom’s basement monitoring social media for things I don’t like” fact checkers. These fact-checkers represent reputable organizations, including the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, Truth in Energy, and Climate. the International Climate Science Coalition, Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, and the Heartland Institute. 

What these fact checkers found was that global temperatures have only been recorded since 1979. This means that comparing temperatures to even a century ago, much less 125,000 years ago, is not possible. That means that while global satellites did find hot temperatures throughout July 2023, any trending heat waves prior to 1979 cannot be ruled out. 

In addition, the fact-checkers found that an AP report stating that the ocean off the southern tip of Florida was the “hottest seawater ever measured” was neither a record high nor were the samples taken from the open ocean. The samples cited by the AP were taken from a shallow bay. 

The fact-checking heroes also pointed out two anomalies that contributed to elevated global temperatures in July. The first was a rare two-day elevation in Antarctica’s temperatures, and the second was the impact of El Nino. An El Nino is a temporary, all-natural occurrence that directly affects weather patterns worldwide.  

El Nino events have been recorded since the 1600s. During these events, trade winds weaken, and warm Pacific waters are forced towards America’s west coast. This causes the jet stream to shift south, causing temperatures to rise throughout the northern United States and Canada. Simultaneously, the U.S. Gulf Coast and the Southeast can experience wet weather and flooding. El Nino events also contribute to stronger hurricanes which grow more unpredictable as they move across the warmer waters. 

El Nino events have led to previous global warming incidents, including in 1998 and 2016. 

USA Today recently reported that an average of 20,000 people died in European cities since 2000 because of extreme heat. The fact checkers observed that cold temperatures are responsible for more deaths than heat. 

The fact checkers represent organizations that cite facts to dispel the myths widely pushed by the progressive climate change “experts.” Their latest report attempted to battle the misinformation spread by at least ten media outlets, including the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the “usual suspects.” 

News flash for liberals: Summer is hot. But it’s even warmer for climate change scientists and progressives who fill rooms, auditoriums, and gullible brains with even more hot air.