Trump Fans Hammer DeSantis at Iowa State Fair

William Hunton /
William Hunton /

If anyone is wondering how the Republican primaries, particularly the contest between former President Donald Trump and Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis, will go, let the recent Iowa State Fair be a good indication. It’s clear the crowds already have a favorite, and they aren’t quieting down for anyone else.

Proof of this came on Saturday during the state’s annual state fair, in which it isn’t all that uncommon for political would-be’s to make an appearance, seeing as how Iowa is the first state to caucus and open the election season.

So naturally, big names like DeSantis and Trump were on hand and flying in the air.

For DeSantis, he was there flipping burgers and talking to the people, you know, trying to make himself seem super relatable and such. Trump made an appearance too, or at least his private jet did, by doing a fly-by with a sign that read, “Be likable Ron!”

Naturally, when Trump fans saw the plane and sign, they didn’t hesitate to raise their voice in glee.

As many sources confer, it seemed like the whole fairgrounds immediately erupted in “We want Trump” or “We love Trump” chants, all while DeSantis stood feet away flipping burgers.

Apparently, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds tried to quiet things down a bit, if not for the sake of DeSantis alone. According to The Hill, she told the crowd, “We’re in Iowa, and in Iowa, we’re Iowa nice.”

But the people didn’t listen. Instead, it was Governor Reynolds, as well as DeSantis’ “fair-side chat,” that was drowned out.

As I said, if it wasn’t clear before, it definitely should be now; DeSantis has a long, uphill battle if he’s going to beat Trump.

Now, that’s not to say that DeSantis isn’t a good Republican leader. Looking at how he’s handled his state over the past few years alone proves he’s more than capable of leading our nation into greener pastures.

However, he’s no Donald Trump – and right now, that seems to be all that matters.