Liberal States Want to Require Climate Change Lessons for Every Subject 

David Pereiras /
David Pereiras /

In 2018, a school student in Sweden staged a protest outside of the parliament. Her sign, “School strike for climate,” launched a movement that gained a foothold in schools throughout nearly every country in the world. Known as the “School Strike for Climate,” the protests encourage students to skip Friday classes and protest the end of the world. 

The student was Greta Thunberg, now twenty years old and the face of youth climate change protests. She was an example of youthful indoctrination for a cause, and liberals in the United States want nothing more than to see millions of Thunbergs nationwide. 

Conservatism is making strides against some progressive pet projects, such as teaching Critical Race Theory and pushing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion standards into the classroom. But kids aren’t safe from the newest school agenda push: climate change. 

And the latest assault against common sense is emerging as an entire nation’s children struggle to learn the basics, like math, reading, and history. An alarming report from the National Assessment of Educational Programs revealed that only 22% of eighth graders are proficient in civics, and 13% are proficient in American history. Even the most important essential subjects, like math and reading, show abysmal proficiency ratings. Only 26% of eighth graders can do basic math, and 29% can read to grade level. 

You would think that addressing poor student performance, now a nationwide epidemic would be a priority for liberals.  

But it’s not.  

If students can hold a sign, be brainwashed into believing that the world is ending in 2025, and vote Democrat, they are educated enough to be a part of the liberal push to advance progressive agendas. 

But just to make sure students are learning “all the right things,” blue states like Oregon, New York, and California are insisting that the climate change agenda is incorporated into every subject, including math, physical education, and foreign languages, from kindergarten through graduation.  

Connecticut and New Jersey have passed a form of legislation to fit these requirements. So far, New Jersey has kept climate change theory as part of science classes, where it rightfully belongs if it belongs anywhere in the classroom at all.  But progressives need a more aggressive approach and want to see it addressed in every subject and classroom with every student and in every school.  

“Research” for a 2020 study “revealed” that if 16 percent of secondary school students around the world studied climate change, it would “cut almost 19 gigatons of CO2” by 2050. Allegedly, this is because “educated” kids would change their behaviors and embrace climate change solutions.  

That’s a lot of pressure to place on an already vulnerable youth population. 

A Daily Telegraph poll sounded the alarm on the price kids are paying for buying into climate change. More than half of the responding teenagers think the world will end in their lifetime because of climate change, and they never learned about cyclical climate change that has shaped the world since it began.  

The 2021 study revealed that American youth experience high anxiety levels about the “climate crisis.” Nearly 60% of the participants, aged 16-25 years, expressed that they were “extremely worried” about climate change, and more than half reported that the fear impacts their daily lives.  

Liberals have scared school kids to the point that a whole new field of psychiatry has been developed to cash in on their anxiety: “eco-anxiety.” Specialized “professionals,” calling themselves “climate change therapists,” make a career out of alleviating the liberal-induced panic that progressive fearmongering has caused among global warming enthusiasts.  

For teens, the results of the aggressive climate change agenda have led to panic and anxiety disorders, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, feelings of hopelessness, a decreased desire to have children of their own, and, sadly, suicide. 

But progressives aren’t done with these kids yet. If the push to incorporate climate change agenda into every class and subject spread, as expected, to even more blue states, already vulnerable and brainwashed kids will have no escape from the doom and gloom predicted by liberals. 

But it would be interesting to see how climate change would be implemented in physical education. Since exercise increases oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, virtual gym classes would be the perfect climate-friendly alternative for a new generation of sedentary but climate change-educated students.