The Democrats Have to Boot Kamala Before They Can Get Rid of Joe Biden

Rich Koele /
Rich Koele /

The Democrat National Committee knows they have a terrible problem on their hands. Joe Biden’s dementia and creepiness can only get worse from this point on. There’s no way he can improve. Were they to shove him aside right now, however, it would open up the chance for Kamala Harris to become the party’s 2024 nominee. That simply won’t do since she is the second-most unliked political figure in America right now, other than Mitch McConnell. If the Democrats are to have any hope of keeping the White House after 2024, they have to get rid of Kamala Harris first.

The DNC is licking its collective chops at the thought of running against a Donald Trump who is behind bars next week. However, they also know that simply won’t cut it. They need an exciting and compelling candidate to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box, and that means they need a candidate who is not an alleged rapist and child sex predator like Creepy Joe.

Joe Biden is an even more terrible candidate for 2024 than he was in 2020. He’s basically incoherent and has been unable to sit down for a non-scripted interview with anyone in the media for over a year now. On his best day, Joe Biden mostly just screams at the clouds while standing behind the White House podium. The barbiturates that sustained him through brief public appearances in 2020 are not helping him to remain lucid any longer. The effects wear off too quickly.

Every Democrat is watching the clock right now because many states have cutoff dates for when candidates can apply to run for president in 2024. Many of those deadlines are in October, November, and December. Any candidate who hasn’t declared by then cannot run for president.

They have to get rid of Joe Biden with urgency at this point. There’s the problem. Kamala Harris has been an abject failure at every single job she’s had since she was selected as Biden’s vice president. Her own husband now kisses her with a mask on his face and is “allegedly” having an affair with Jill Biden, so Kamala can’t even get that right.

The Los Angeles Times actually printed a hit piece against Kamala last week. Everyone—including the libs running the LA Times’ commentary pages—knows that Kamala slept her way to the top of the political food chain. She has zero chance of defeating America’s favorite president in the general election in 2024. Since the 2024 Democrat primary is really a referendum on which person other than Joe Biden is fit to run, this is a huge problem.

Not to worry! The LA Times got the memo, and here’s how they say you should handle the problem of needing to get rid of Joe Biden without putting Kamala “Dog Collar” Harris in the White House.

The Times reasons that Dianne Feinstein is now 90 years old, and therefore the party should make her step down. If that happens, Governor Gavin “French Laundy” Newsom gets to choose Feinstein’s replacement. Why not replace the old battle-axe with a much younger person, like Kamala Harris?

If they can convince Kamala Harris to go back to the Senate, that opens the position of vice president up for Joe Biden to appoint someone new. Harris is still young enough that she could be made Senate Majority Leader when Chuck Schumer retires and still run for president again down the road.

Joe Biden could then appoint someone like Gavin Newsom or Susan Rice, or Michelle Obama to be his new vice president. It’s a terrifying prospect, but it is still happening as the DNC scrambles to find a Biden replacement before mid-October.