Trump to Interview with Tucker Carlson Instead of Attending First Debate


President Donald Trump is refusing to take part in the first GOP debate on Fox News this Wednesday. Instead, America’s favorite president of all time will sit down for an interview with former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. As much as many of us would love to see President Trump mow down this field of losers just like he did to 15 other candidates in the 2016 primary, it makes sense for him to sit this one out.

The anchors at Fox News have always been hostile to Donald Trump. From Megyn Kelly attacking him for the perfectly rational observation that Rosie O’Donnell is a “fat pig” to Brett Baier calling Arizona six weeks early in 2020, Trump has never gotten a fair shake at Fox News. They hate him, they mischaracterize him, and they hate anyone who supports Donald Trump.

Not that they have any integrity about this. They hate Donald Trump because Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch tells them to hate Donald Trump. They are no more principled than monkeys standing on a rock and clapping their hands because their zookeeper gives them treats.

Rupert Murdoch has literally told Fox News staffers to “unperson” Donald Trump, and he is one of the financial supporters of the doomed Ron DeSantis campaign. Why should Donald Trump step into that environment when he is the clear choice of the voters for 2024? Just so he can outshine Vivek Ramalamadingdong or Chris Christie?

Spoiler alert: Trump already does that.

On top of that, Trump has a proven track record of success that no other president or political candidate could ever argue against, if they’re being intellectually honest. Don’t forget that Tucker Carlson is the most articulate voice of Trump populism in America, other than Donald Trump himself. The fact that Carlson and Trump will be on social media, drawing attention away from the failures at Fox News, makes the whole thing that much funnier. There’s no doubt as to which interview we’ll be watching on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST.