Errol Musk Speaks Out Against Ukraine (Yes, That’s Elon’s Dad)

Dilok Klaisataporn /
Dilok Klaisataporn /

We don’t often hear about Errol Musk. However, the South African is more than just Elon Musk’s father. He’s also a retired politician and electromechanical engineer. As a result, when he talks about such things as how we’re being brainwashed about how Ukraine is good and Russia is bad, it’s enough to make us want to listen.

Is he right? After all, we’ve spent a LOT of money supporting Ukraine in the past year, and the war is still raging on. Meanwhile, there are countless reports about how the money isn’t being monitored and that Zelensky and other high-ranking Ukrainian officials are getting rich on donations from the US and other countries.

Errol Musk points out that various bioweapons laboratories have been found in Ukraine. And the country itself is being run by a former stand-up comedian, which, as he points out, is “extremely odd.”

Errol also takes a closer look at Joe Biden. He couldn’t possibly be running the country (yeah, we’ve figured that out, too.) So, who is running the country? According to the former South African politician, it’s a band of misfits who are tired of being treated like misfits and are seeking revenge.

So, Ukraine is made to be the good guy while Russia is the bad guy. But does that mean we’re actually giving money to the wrong country? Is it possible that Putin’s claims of trying to take out Ukraine for its own good are actually genuine?

It may be time that we start asking some serious questions. Who is the enemy and are we helping the wrong side? Before we hand Ukraine any more money, these have to be answered – and preferably by someone other than Biden since he’s clearly not the one making the high-level decisions for our country.