FEMA Officials Stay at $1,000-a-Night Luxury Resorts as Homeless Hawaiians Suffer

EQRoy / shutterstock.com
EQRoy / shutterstock.com

It’s taken more than two weeks, but Joe Biden has finally dispatched his bungling bureaucrats from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to the disaster zone in Maui. As expected, the Biden regime has once again managed to enrage the locals. As thousands of Hawaiians are now homeless and living in makeshift shelters because their homes burned down, the FEMA paper-pushers are staying in $1,000-a-night luxury resort hotels and billing the taxpayers for it.

FEMA and the Biden regime were already getting slammed over their slow response to the wildfires. Joe Biden, who has always been a bit of a sociopath, wouldn’t even take a break from his own vacation at a Delaware beach to give a brief comment in support of the fire victims. Joe and Jill Biden waited two weeks before they even paid a visit to the island, only to be greeted by crowds of people throwing middle fingers up and chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Now they pull this stunt. The Daily Mail has obtained images of the FEMA bureaucrats in their government uniforms as they lounge in the cocktail bar, guzzling Long Island iced teas, at the ritzy Grand Wailea Astoria hotel in Maui. The six-figure government employees are also being housed at the Four Seasons and the Fairmont Kea Lani. The three hotels are all five-star affairs where 860 square-foot luxury suites start at an eyepopping $1,000 a night.

To figuratively jab their fingers in the eyeballs of homeless Hawaiians even more, FEMA has set up a command center at the Grand Wailea Astoria. Homeless Hawaiians have to walk past the fountains and splendor and into the Grand Lobby in order to register for government assistance from FEMA. Then the homeless Hawaiians can go back to their Red Cross shelters where they await their next meal that’s prepared by the Salvation Army.

The Hawaiians are being put on waiting lists until space opens up at a much cheaper hotel for them. But at least they got to seewhat it’s like in the Grand Wailea Astoria as they were forced to go beg for their government handouts.

The luxury hotels where FEMA has put themselves up are locations where high-rolling celebrities like Kanye West, Pierce Brosnan, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and others stay when they visit Hawaii. Another 100 FEMA officials are staying at the four-star Marriott Wailea Beach Resort, where rooms start at $749 a night this time of year. They must have drawn the short straw when the taxpayer funded luxury rooms were being divvied up.

The absolutely lackluster response, compared to the federal government’s slobbery love affair with Ukraine, makes it even more infuriating. Families whose homes were scorched to the ground and who lost loved ones are receiving a one-time $700 payout from the Biden regime. The White House has only signed off on $7 million total to pay for the disaster on Maui.

Meanwhile, no one even knows how much money has been sent to Ukraine at this point. They’ve lost track of the total and aren’t sharing data with the Inspector General in charge of monitoring the funds. The number is north of $200 billion in weapons and materiel for Ukraine.

Biden doesn’t even seem to care that 64% of Hawaiians voted for him in 2020. He’s treating them just as badly as he treated the Trump supporters in East Palestine. Hopefully this will be a lesson to all Americans when it comes time to vote in 2024. This never would have happened to Hawaii if Donald Trump was in office, and he’d be firing FEMA bureaucrats for living in the lap of luxury while Hawaiians suffer.