Corrupt Biden DOJ Wants to Use TikTok to Spy on Americans


Deep State regulators with the Biden regime have been attempting to reach an agreement with TikTok that would allow intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense to have even greater powers to spy on Americans. After all the complaining about how the Chinese are using TikTok to spy on Americans (which they definitely are), what the whole thing comes down to is the US government was jealous that it didn’t have full operational control over TikTok like it does other social media companies.

Forbes got its hands on a draft contract between TikTok and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). The concessions that the Biden regime was demanding from TikTok would actually make the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) blush. Biden didn’t want to make TikTok safer or prevent the app from spying on Americans. He simply wanted control of it because the regime cannot stand that there are now two social media companies (the other being Twitter/X) that the federal government doesn’t control.

The draft agreement would have allowed the Department of Justice and Department of Defense to have unprecedented access to TikTok’s US offices, its servers and its files at all times and without notice. TikTok would be required to pay for these audits by the Biden regime. The agreement would even grant US federal agencies to shut down TikTok during certain situations.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that those “situations” would be truthful facts about the Hunter Biden laptop, Joe Biden showering with his own daughter, people saying mean but true things about Joe Biden, and people voicing support for America’s most popular president ever, Donald J. Trump.

While the draft agreement has not gone into effect, it gives a disturbing insight into the minds of the people running the country. They want to control the flow of all information in America and shut down any information that they don’t want you to see.