Another Biden Failure: Hungary Provides Shelter for 250 Maui Families

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Social media continues to be flooded with videos from angry Hawaiians expressing their frustration and fury about Joe Biden’s lack of attention to the wildfire disaster. The Biden regime is dragging its feet on providing assistance while continuing to send hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine.

Now the Biden team is being humiliated even further, as foreign countries are stepping up to help our Hawaiian neighbors before the US government is. In fact, Hungary—which shares a border with Ukraine—is sending 250 pop-up homes to provide shelter to families in Hawaii.

There were a number of disastrous failures in Lahaina on the island of Maui this summer. Local officials knew that there was a huge risk of wildfires. They had millions of dollars set aside to prepare for fires if they broke out. Officials initially wouldn’t release any water to fight the fire, because they were more worried about something called racial equity, which isn’t even real. Some people died after police blocked the roads and wouldn’t let them escape.

The Biden regime has also very likely been lying about the casualty count in Lahaina. As of this writing, they claim that there are fewer than 1,000 people still missing. However, more than 2,000 children have not shown up for school yet, and no one knows where they are. (Maybe Oprah knows?) Why are the kids not being counted in the potential casualty totals?

Biden has also erected a big, black curtain that stretches for miles around Lahaina to block the public’s view of the disaster zone. No one has ever seen anything like this before. What are they hiding?

Joe Biden enraged Hawaiians even further when he showed up 13 days later for his tone-deaf and gaffe-filled visit. He compared a small kitchen fire in his home to the disaster in Lahaina—where people’s loved ones burned to death. He comes across as a sociopath because he makes every tragedy about himself. FEMA workers from the Biden regime have been caught staying in five-star luxury resorts that are 45 minutes away from Lahaina while the disaster-stricken residents are sleeping in tents.

The Bidens didn’t even show up to Lahaina until August 21. That’s the same date that the first shipments of pop-up homes from Hungary started showing up in Hawaii. Think about that for a second.

Hungary shipped pop-up homes to Hawaii from the other side of the world, faster than Joe Biden got there.

The irony in this is that Joe Biden is a nasty pig to Hungary. He calls Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán a vicious dictator, simply because Orbán is opposed to mass immigration into his country, and because Orbán doesn’t like communists. Unlike Joe Biden himself, or Joe’s friend Volodymyr Zelensky, the gay comedian from Ukraine who is an actual dictator, Viktor Orbán doesn’t lock up his political opponents.

Despite the viciousness of Joe Biden toward Hungary, Orbán is sending help to Hawaii. Hungary has announced plans to donate a total of 250 pop-up homes to provide shelter to Hawaiian families. Orbán is acting even faster than the Biden regime when it comes to getting much-needed help to our fellow citizens.

Hungarian Ambassador to the U.S. Szabolcs Takács said in a statement, “With the assistance of the Hungarian Government, Continest Technologies Zrt., a Hungarian SME specialized in designing and manufacturing efficiently deployable, modular and multifunctional temporary infrastructure solutions, is donating foldable containers to the relief effort in Hawaii that will provide shelter for 250 families by the end of October 2023.”

The first 20 pop-up homes arrived in Hawaii on the same day that Joe Biden showed up to talk about his kitchen fire.