Now Biden Claims He Was at Ground Zero the Day After the 9/11 Attacks

President Joe Biden has come into his own as President. Sadly for the American people, his moments of senility where he loses his ability to communicate, remember his wife, sniff kids, or lie about the past are his greatest hits. Yet his latest lie puts all other lies, embellishments, and overstatements to shame.

Spending the day at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, Biden broke 22 years of tradition by not being in Washington, Virginia, or NYC for 9/11. Instead, he turned this refueling stop from his Asian adventures into the platform for another Biden lie of the highest order. In a hanger, he spoke about September 11th, 2001, as he was flanked and backdropped with some of the finest aerial hardware the nation has.

Telling those in attendance, “Ground Zero, New York. I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building. I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell; it looked so devastated because of…where you could stand.”

Unfortunately for Biden, the cameras were rolling on September 12th, 2011. Instead of being at Ground Zero, he, along with his colleagues, were at the US Senate. He even gave a ten-minute speech on the floor. He didn’t visit Ground Zero until September 20, 2011, when he and a small collective of Senators visited the aftermath.

During the speech, Biden said, “Some have said, yesterday and today, that all has changed for America. I know what they mean by that … but I pray that is not true … the one thing we cannot allow to change are the values upon which this country is built, for if that were to occur, then they would be able to declare victory.”

By Biden’s own measuring stick, they won. Things have changed irreparably since September 11th, and the American way of life looks nothing like it once did. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was supposed to be a temporary measure. Free access to the ramps and walking people to their gates was expected to return. Instead of the TSA dialog in movies, characters were supposed to have their easy moments again, including the drive up and run to the gate scenes.

Now all of that is gone. We aren’t looking to get it back anytime soon, either. Thanks to Biden and his band of liberals, they want to keep the American people imprisoned under the guise of protecting freedom. A loss of freedom like this was done under the guise of protecting freedom and liberty. A lie like that cannot go unpunished or unchecked, yet it has.

Since that fateful day, the American politician has been lying to the American people. Especially the liberals. Manipulating the news, facts, and realities of the situation in our nation to blame conservatives all while doing nothing to address the situation that caused the problem in the first place is disgusting.

Biden’s triumphant attempts to make himself look like an American leader have in turn only made him look like an American trader. He just lies about everything the American people should expect from a Commander in Chief. Pushing his private agenda, the American people have been collectively taken for a ride, and they aren’t getting their due anytime soon.

Lying to the American people is always bad enough as President. Yet to do it about 9/11, and on its 22nd anniversary is just incredibly insulting. He needs to learn to read the room. A prolonged refueling stop in Alaska on 9/11 is tone-deaf and fails to make the grade. Lying about your involvement in the rebuilding of the devastation response on 9/11 is insulting and spits on the grave of everyone who lost their lives that fateful day, or in the conflicts that followed.