Biden Says He Plans to “Increase the Number & Intensity of Extreme Weather Events”

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Joe Biden has said the quiet part out loud again. During his unwanted remarks in Florida last week, in the wake of Hurricane Idalia, Biden announced that his administration was going to cause even more extreme weather events and that they would be more intense than the ones we’ve already seen this year. Maybe it’s not such a conspiracy theory that the government is causing these disasters after all!

The White House is trying to write this off as just another senior moment for Joe Biden, whose dementia has gotten noticeably worse over the past few months. But is it?

Joe Biden has a long track record of admitting things on camera that he shouldn’t before his handlers and nursemaids cut his microphone off. For example, Biden’s scorn and derision for racial minorities was on full display during the 2020 election campaign. He announced in one campaign event that “poor kids” are just as smart as white kids. He also definitively stated that if a black person doesn’t vote for him, “Then you ain’t black!”

Biden also announced during the 2020 campaign that the Democrats had “assembled the largest voter fraud organization in history.”

It doesn’t seem like it was a slip of the tongue a few days ago when he announced that the government was going to cause more extreme weather events. It seems like Biden slips up and says these things out loud, even though his handlers don’t want him to.

During his press conference in Live Oak, Florida, Biden stated, “I also convened my entire Cabinet as part of a whole-of-government response.  And that response is to increase the number and intensity of the extreme weather events and be wary — we’re going to be — use all the resources available to the government to do it.”

The White House edited the transcript to add a couple of words to the key sentence there:

“That response is to [the] increase [in] the number and intensity of the extreme weather events.”

This Biden “gaffe” comes on the heels of the disastrous wildfires on Maui last month, that some believe were caused by a directed energy weapon from space. The so-called conspiracy theorists do raise some good points when you look at some of the footage from that disaster. Why did every car burn to a crisp, except for blue cars? Why did homes and structures that were painted blue get through the fire unscathed?

The theory is that the color blue reflects the energy of a laser light away. If you shoot something blue with a laser, it won’t catch on fire, whereas items that are different colors can burn or even explode. There are videos on YouTube of people carrying out this exact experiment, and it seems to have happened in Lahaina. We’re not saying it was space lasers, but… we have questions. Also, how did cars that were clearly outside of the fire zone melt from the heat? That doesn’t seem normal.

We also saw massive wildfires in Canada and Greece this summer. Governments were quick to claim that this was caused by global warming, even as they were arresting the arsonists who had set the fires. It’s a huge problem for globalists, including Joe Biden, that the demand for weather-related natural disasters far exceeds the supply.

What do you think? Did Joe Biden say the quiet part out loud when he announced that the federal government would increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events?