Coast Guard Called in to Stop Oakland’s New Sea Pirate Problem

Denis---S /
Denis---S /

The woke San Francisco Bay area has deteriorated so badly that they suddenly have a high seas piracy problem in the Oakland Estuary. We were hoping that some king from a faraway land would begin issuing Letters of Marque to begin hunting the scurvy dogs down, but no such luck. They’re sending in the US Coast Guard to deal with them instead.

Before you get your hopes up, these are not the cool kind of pirates with a parrot on their shoulder, an eyepatch, and a pegleg. These are just more of the organized theft gangs that have been plaguing the Bay Area ever since California gave minorities a license to steal because of George Floyd.

Much of the piracy taking place involves gangs rolling up on uninhabited boats and stealing anything that’s not nailed down—including the boat if they can get it started. Mexican drug cartels are carrying out much of the piracy.

It’s amazing that this problem has attracted the attention of Oakland’s defund-the-police Mayor Sheng Thao. She supports no cash bail, minimal policing, and demonizing cops if they should actually do their jobs and have to shoot a minority criminal. The Coast Guard apparently has a 45-foot fast patrol boat and helicopters that they’re going to be using to hunt down the high-seas pirates.

Mayor Thao, of course, helped to cause this problem in the first place. Her deep blue and ultra-woke policy has resulted in an Oakland Police Department that is currently 45 officers short. Criminals know they can run wild in the streets and steal anything in sight, and they’ll be back out of jail within 12 hours—assuming that they get arrested at all. Now it’s up to the Coast Guard and the federal taxpayers to bail Mayor Thao out from the piracy problem she caused.