Report: FBI Lost Track of How Many Feds It Had in the January 6 Crowd

lev radin /
lev radin /

The mostly peaceful January 6 protests in 2021 at the nation’s Capital were crawling with so many violent provocateurs that the FBI couldn’t even keep track of all of them. That’s according to former assistant FBI Director Steven D’Antuono, who testified behind closed doors to Congress this week and who used to be in charge of the FBI’s Washington field office.

According to D’Antuono, the FBI later had to perform an audit to determine just how many Confidential Human Sources (CHSs) and provocateurs it had in the crowd that day because it had simply lost track of all of them. Testifying to the House Judiciary Committee, D’Antuono explained that he had expected informants from his own office to be there—but was surprised by how many CHS’s had traveled there from out of state to participate in the protest, which fed provocateurs turned into a riot.

The Washington field office under D’Antuono had to put out a request “to do a poll or put out something to people saying w[ere] any CHSs involved.” Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland—a political hack who may very well have perjured himself before Congress this week—stated that he had no idea that any FBI CHSs were in the mostly peaceful crowd that day.

One confidential human source from the FBI field office in Kansas City was apparently in communication with his handler as he “breached” the Capitol. D’Antuono testified that this particular CHS “While they were in the crowd, I think, saying that they were going in. They were trying to stop some of the action happening and they left or whatnot.”

Oh. Right. They left or whatnot.

Members of the House who were attempting to conduct oversight of the reckless, unaccountable, and power-mad FBI tried to get D’Antuono to admit how many undercover confidential human sources were at the Capitol that day, he would only reply with the vague answer that it was “a handful.” We know that this is a lie from the Proud Boys trials. During that trial, in which none of the Proud Boys were exonerated, it was revealed that there were at least eight federal informants in the group for every five members of the Proud Boys.

The Department of Justice Office of Inspector General has found that the FBI spends around $42 million each year on its Confidential Human Sources program but can’t seem to keep track of who the money is going to. Stefan Halper, for example, was the FBI CHS who was instrumental in framing George Papadopoulos in the Russia collusion hoax. Halper was paid more than $1 million for his services to the FBI in framing an innocent man in a completely false story.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a scathing letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray this week after D’Antuono’s testimony. He accused the FBI Director of being unable to keep track of the bureau’s CHSs, and that it lost control of its spooks at the January 6 protest.

“These revelations reinforce existing concerns, identified by Special Counsel [John] Durham, about the FBI’s use of, and payment to, CHSs who have fabricated evidence and misrepresented information,” wrote Jordan.

Rep. Jordan is demanding that Christopher Wray turn over all debriefing documents provided by the FBI’s paid informants. He’s also asking for a “substantive briefing” from Wray behind closed doors. That doesn’t need to happen. Just do the briefing out in the open. We already know that Christopher Wray and everyone in the Biden regime have lied to the American people about January 6. The only question we don’t have an answer to yet is how many feds were in the crowd that day, punching cops and breaking windows?