Judge Orders NYC to Deport Illegal Aliens from a Staten Island School

WINDCOLORS / shutterstock.com
WINDCOLORS / shutterstock.com

A Staten Island judge has sided with Republicans who had sued to get hundreds of illegal aliens deported from an empty school in their neighborhood. The judge agreed that the illegal aliens have to go somewhere—just not in his own neighborhood.

More than 110,000 illegal aliens have shown up in New York City in the past year since housing has been strained beyond the breaking point everywhere else in the country. Joe Biden’s border crisis is now impacting all 48 of the lower contiguous states. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been setting up tent shelters and camps anywhere he can think of to house these people.

One of the sites Adams decided to use was the St. John Villa Academy building, a now-defunct school on Staten Island. The school is in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and the neighbors have been protesting for weeks. Staten Island also tends to have more Republican voters than other parts of New York City, and they’re the ones who sued to deport the illegals from the neighborhood.

Manhattan is required under a 1981 court order to provide temporary shelter to anyone who asks for it. It’s known as Manhattan’s “right to shelter” law. However, Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Wayne Ozzi ruled that a “right to shelter” likely does not exist in the state’s Constitution. Therefore, the Adams administration needs to move the illegals out of the school.

Isn’t it fascinating that none of the sanctuary cities actually want the illegal aliens now that they’re showing up? You’ll never hear about it on the news, but the Democrat mayor of Denver is now busing illegal aliens to Chicago and New York City. They want to blame Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis for this tactic, but they’re actually doing it to each other now!