Senator Willing To Shut It All Down for Ukraine

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Everyone has a hill they are willing to die on. Some of us are provided a chance to see just how dedicated we are to a topic. In the case of Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), funding for Ukraine is the hill he is choosing for himself. He took that message to MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports on October 4th.

When asked about the scenario of a bill coming to the Senate without funding for Ukraine and if he would allow the government to shut down over it, Bennet wasted no time in jumping on it like a bitch in heat.

“I definitely am. I definitely am. I said on Saturday that my mom, she’s a Polish Jew, she was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1938, it’s very easy to see from her perspective, she survived — with the perspective of the 16 million people that were killed in Ukraine and Poland during World War II, how they get forgotten by politicians here that seem to be concerned with a different set of imperatives.”

As he continued, he tried swinging this away from a political message. “And Katy, I don’t think this is a moment for politics. It’s not a question of when we go home, do we stay here, do we make a trade for this, or do we make a trade for that. … I think that we’ve given a little over $70 billion, which is less than what the Europeans have put in this war.”

Notice the math doesn’t add up. We have given well over $70 billion to Ukraine. Even more than just what we gave away in terms of cash, the weapons, ammunition, and supplies have also been well over $70 billion. Nothing about this man’s number makes any sense.

First off, that is an entire continent of countries. A federation commonly recognized as the European Union (EU). If we as a singular nation are more than footing the bill for Ukraine, then other nations should be close to matching us or buying our exports to drive up the GDP so we can make up for those losses. Yet they won’t.

Secondly, the EU is looking to absorb them as a part of their federation. This, along with the pledge to make them a part of NATO, would provide them with terrific defenses from the Russian or other forces. Money would be pouring in, with some claiming it could approach nearly $200 billion in the first few years alone. Yet, somehow US lawmakers like Bennet and the president are more than happy to keep pumping the nation with cash in the meantime.

Numerous investigations have already shown clear-cut evidence of money laundering by politicians using Ukraine and the conflict as a means to do it. As lawmakers continuously block investigations into the evidence, many wonder if they’ll ever bother taking care of this the right way.

Earlier in the conversation, Bennet tried claiming the US as the big dog of the world. The US is “at the head of these free countries around the world standing against tyranny.”

Yet, he and others refuse to fund the top country at doing what we are best at. They won’t fund munitions increases and development. They refuse to look into how to fix the problems with our military or our border. Those pots they refuse to toss a nickel to if they can avoid it. Instead, they will simply ship off the told and funding that should be ours to save them; the fact that 60% of it ends up back in their pockets or election funds is nothing more than a coincidence.

Bennet isn’t a leader in the Senate, and with comments like this, the people of Colorado need to tell him that they don’t trust him to lead the way as their voice in the Senate. God knows he has already proven that he’s about as worthless as tits on a bull.