House GOP Rewards FBI with New $300M Headquarters Right After a Brothel Serving Politicians Was Busted

Mark Van Scyoc /
Mark Van Scyoc /

Federal prosecutors filed charges against three Korean men on November 7th, alleging that they had been running a high-end brothel service for politicians in Northern Virginia (the suburbs of Washington, DC). Just a couple of days later, 70 House Republicans betrayed their own voters by approving a shiny new $300 million headquarters for the FBI in Maryland. Why does it feel like these two stories are somehow related?

After the FBI had just spent nearly three years raiding the homes of thousands of Republican voters on frivolous crimes, 70 Republican Representatives thought it would be a good idea to reward corrupt FBI Director Christopher Wray and his Gestapo FBI with a new building that would be larger than the Pentagon. Or were they coerced?

Charlie Kirk cut right to the chase on social media. This brothel network providing Asian prostitutes to “politicians” got busted, and then two days later a bunch of Republican Representatives suddenly rewarded the FBI. It sure looks like the FBI is blackmailing a large percentage of the Republicans in Congress.

How any Republican could vote to increase FBI funding after nearly three straight years of the bureau suspending civil liberties for Republicans is mindboggling. Do they just not listen to their constituents at all?

More than 1,000 people who protested on January 6th, 2021, have had their doors kicked in by the FBI. The FBI is surveilling parents at school board meetings and raiding the homes of peaceful abortion protesters. They even shot multiple Trump supporters to death over the summer because of their social media posts, including a crippled 70-year-old baby boomer in Utah.

It does look awfully convenient that dozens of Republicans would suddenly betray their own voters, right after a brothel serving politicians as its clientele gets shut down by the FBI, doesn’t it? We’re guessing the clientele list for this bust will get buried about as deeply as Jeffrey Epstein’s client list.