When Biden Thinks Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than Crack, We Know We Need To Support It

Craig F Scott / shutterstock.com
Craig F Scott / shutterstock.com

President Biden’s time in office has been filled with mixed messages for the people, but it’s the responses from his Department of Justice (DOJ) that are mind-boggling. In a report released on November 15th, the group is backing a ban on firearms for those who use marijuana.

Filing a brief with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, they tried alleging that the founding fathers would have done the same. They claimed the Fifth Circuit made massive mistakes in their recent ruling on the matter.

This case is an example: Harris claimed to have lost one of his firearms (potentially at a bar) on the same evening that he smoked marijuana and was drunk. Users are unlikely to put their guns away before using drugs and retrieve them only after regaining lucidity. And it is unclear how the government could reasonably administer a regime that permitted confiscation only during the several-hour period a person is intoxicated.”

Erik Matthew Harris is the plaintiff at hand. An open recreational marijuana user, he was charged because of a provision blocking firearm possession by “an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance,” per court documents. In his brief, Harris argued the science of marijuana use and the classification of addiction, as well as the impact of marijuana on mental health.

Back in August the Fifth Circuit had rules that the founding fathers would strip the firearms of the criminally insane and have them committed; they would allow alcoholics to possess firearms when sober.

This ruling was not only a landmark about how the two coexist, but it also supported previous ideas that Hunter Biden’s “not currently high when buying a gun” defense held water. By backtracking that with marijuana, Biden’s DOJ has sent a mixed message. Either he is so mentally incompetent (likely) that he thinks crack is less dangerous than marijuana or he is refusing to honor his campaign promises to deschedule marijuana.

All of this proves that what America needs are the three Gs that Biden won’t give us. God, guns, and ganja.