Mitt Romney Finally Admits His True Allegiance

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a katz /

If you know much about Utah Senator Mitt Romney, it’s likely that he’s not much of a team player. And now, he’s just admitted to only playing for himself.

It happened during a recent interview with CBS’ Norah O’Donnell. Naturally, the two discussed the upcoming 2024 presidential election and who Romney’s preferred candidates may be.

Basically, Romney answered that he’d vote for anyone, Republican or Democrat, with the exception of Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Joe Biden.

When talking about Republican candidates, Romney said, “I’d be happy to support virtually any one of the Republicans – maybe not Vivek. But, uh, but the others that are running would be acceptable to me, and I’d be happy to vote for them.”

Trump was mentioned in a completely separate line of questioning, with it being made clear that Romney is not a fan of “the dishonesties” that Trump has spoken. As for why Vivek has been outcast, one can only wonder.

Then, Romney moved on to the Democrats.

“I’d be happy to vote for a number of the Democrats, too. I mean, it would be an upgrade from, in my opinion, from Donald Trump and perhaps also from Joe Biden.”

He went on to explain that he doesn’t really have a problem with Biden personally. In fact, he finds him to be a “very charming and engaging person.” But he disagrees with him on more policies than he agrees with him on. And Biden has made “all sorts of terrible mistakes,” so he would like to see “someone else run.”

What this should tell us is that Romney has no loyalty to the party, no loyalty to his constituents, and likely never has. He’s simply out for himself and whatever he thinks is best.

And now, everyone knows it. Perhaps that’s why he’s chosen not to run for re-election in 2024…